Friday, March 30, 2012

Blessed For Sure


Do you know this guy? This Hubby of mine?

I am always blown away at how great I have it. I married such a wonderful man, and he deserves some attention today. Since I’ve been gone for a solid month, he has subsisted on corn dogs, kool-aid, and frozen pizza like a champ. Kinda gives me cold chills, but he loves it! When I come home late after a week of being gone, he has the house spotless and the dishes done. He is so good to me. I sure do love you, Hubby.

On another note, my sister mentioned that she would like to see more recipes on here. And I think it’s a great idea. I thought I’d open up the lines to see what other requests are out there regarding posts. I’ve been posting a lot of airplane stuff lately, simply because that’s all I’ve done this month, but I want everyone to feel included and happy to read.

What things would you like to see more? Food? Hubby? Airplanes? Cupcakes? I am happy to oblige, so let me know!

Have a great weekend! I’m flying home tonight and plan to spend most of the weekend in my pajamas with Hubby watching General Conference. Weir Waffles will be made. Hey, that might be a good start for recipe posts, huh? They are heavenly…


  1. He IS wonderful. And is that a cell phone you're clutching just as tightly as he..? Sign of the times. Would love me some Weir Waffles! Your blog is fabulous!

    1. It's the carrying case for my camera, which I love much more than my phone. Maybe I should put things down before photos next time to prevent such death grips?! :)

  2. Definitely start with Weir Waffles! They are soooo tasty. Did you know that I've made Weir pancakes? They are yummy too. My basic philosophy in life is that you can't go wrong with bacon.

  3. Airplanes of course! :o).. Whick


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