Monday, April 2, 2012

Let There Be A Hanging


Last August, I stumbled upon the greatest gift ever for my sister, T’liese. She had been wanting a retractable clothesline to enjoy in her backyard, since we have 362 days of sunshine each year. It just made sense.


While accidentally perusing the aisles of TJ Maxx (who saw that one coming?!), I found her clothesline! I excitedly bought it and took it home to safely keep until her birthday in November. Every time I saw it, I smiled. I love finding things that are perfect for someone!


And then I got the text message. The one some time in October that said they had finally installed a retractable clothesline in their backyard. Since we have 362 days a year of sunshine. It just made sense.


Soooooo, I got a retractable clothesline! And we finally installed it this weekend.


I am sure everyone washes and hangs out laptop neoprene sleeves. Am I right?


If we can keep the birds (and their bums) away from it, I think it will be a great success. Most of our darks are hung to dry already (on hangars in a spare closet), but they smell so much better after they’ve been kissed by the warm sun all afternoon.

I might actually have to buy some clothespins now, huh?

Judging from my single use already, this is going to be a good thing.


  1. I absolutely love my clothesline! It's nice to take the extra time to go outside and hang clothes. We really love crunchy, crispy jeans and towels too!

  2. I had a clothes line- just couldn't use it because of allergies. Good for you!! xoxo


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