Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Los Angeles Day Trip


It was still much more notice than I received at my previous job, but I ended up going to Los Angeles for a day trip a few weeks ago. Surprise!


This was my second official trip in the Phenom 300, and our first in RVSM altitudes (it took a week to get those documents signed by the FAA, so we climbed past FL290 through FL410 and cruised at FL430 on our way to Baton Rouge for our first trip).

IMG_3028  IMG_3029

Since LA is less than an hour away, it was nice to be able to fly at a normal altitude of 36,000 feet.


Although, this little rocket climbs to 43,000 in about 19 minutes. I’ll just let that sink in for a second. It’s a BEAST!


We left with five passengers on board for the 4:00 PM departure to Van Nuys Airport in northern Los Angeles. Had I been here for the day, you know I would have visited the happiest place on earth!


Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, since we were only here until about midnight. It did give me time to run to a local BBQ joint for some dinner.


I can’t believe the prices, but I was able to get out of there with just a sandwich and steak fries for less than $10.

IMG_3037  IMG_3036

It was good, but I prefer pulled pork and not huge slabs of meat slapped onto a bun. The sauce was incredible, though, and I treated Hubby to a bottle of the stuff.


He isn’t one for treats from my trips, but I have never known that man to turn down BBQ sauce.


After dinner, I worked on logbook entries to be up-to-date with the FAA so I could renew my flight instructor certificate by the end of this month.


I also got to show the line guys how to fuel a Phenom 300…did I mention it is single-point refueling and pretty much fuels itself?! It’s a dream!


Sorry. I just get really excited about this machine. It has been so much fun flying it, and I found out a little more regarding the avionics. Each time I fly, I find a new thing that the Garmin 1000 Prodigy can do to make my life easier. It’s so impressive what this computer does!

IMG_3044  IMG_3045

We landed at home around 1:00 AM and had no traffic to fight, either in the air or on my drive to Mesa. I crawled into bed next to a warm and snoozing Hubby around 1:45 AM.


I’m pretty sure I was still able to steal all the covers, despite my limited time asleep. I still refuse to believe this happens, but Hubby insists that I have such mad skills.


A nice, easy, beautiful day at work. Everyone wants to look at this airplane on the ramp. It’s so fun to show it off! I still have to pinch myself to believe this is all really happening!


Phoenix – Van Nuys – Phoenix


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, sis! I am so glad you are enjoying this new job, it was surely an answer to prayers (many of them by many people!).
    That would have been fun to hit Disneyland for a day! You have mentioned you don't mind going by yourself (I think one day there alone might be OK), maybe the next time you are headed that way!

    1. I haven't been to Disneyland since my Senior Trek (I won't even mention the number of years). Is that even legal?!


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