Monday, March 12, 2012

Perhaps the Biggest News of All


I know that I alluded to the grand changes going on around here. My life has been quite the roller coaster since last Fall when these changes started taking place.


No, I’m not pregnant. But thanks for asking.


I did, however, recently get a new job. Flying a new airplane. With a schedule! GASP!


I was able to fly the airplane, an Embraer Phenom 300, for the first time just a few weeks ago. I needed to get three takeoffs and landings accomplished after studying systems, avionics, and emergencies.


It’s part of the requirements to get a Second-In-Command type rating, which I plan to attain with the local FAA since I won’t be going to school to be a Captain on this airplane.


And you can still call me “Captain.” I won’t mind.

Not going to school in this airplane is just fine with me. The Phenom 300 is certified to fly with just one pilot, so I feel pretty lucky just to be along for the ride!


First impressions of my new baby, which has been lovingly named Gladys.

I am in love.

It’s a rocket.

It’s a flying computer.

It’s slightly more advanced than the Beechjet that I’ve been flying for the past five years. By that I mean it’s like flying a space saucer after flying a dinosaur with miniature arms.

It is beautiful.

It is huge. You could easily do three cartwheels inside. That’s my personal measurement of airplane interiors, after all. How many cartwheels can be done inside the cabin?

It can stop on a dime. Even without thrust reversers, this thing lands in less than 2,400 feet. My Beechjet was lucky to stop in less than 4,000, just for comparison!

My heart goes pitter-pat every time I see it.

This may be the best thing to happen to me since I got hitched. (Yes, Hubby still takes precedence).


This is going to be a pretty sweet deal. I will have a schedule and will know when I’m flying. Even better, I will know when I am not flying and can plan things at home! What’s a social life? I am about to find out!


No longer will I be on-call 24/7, which has been a constant strain for me for five years. A schedule, new airplane, and awesome passengers all add up to being the ideal dream job.


I don’t know how I got so blessed, but after searching for a new job since November and sending out over seventy resumes, it is an answer to prayers.


Come along for my new ride! It’s going to be a good one!


I have a feeling that Gladys is going to get a lot more hugs from now on…


  1. Prayers are ALWAYS answered!

    So, so glad for you, sis!


  2. Micah~ I am SOO happy for you. It is wonderful that you can now schedule your time. WooHoo!!! Now you can work on the Cupcake Stand!!
    Aunt Elan

  3. You really named her Gladys? I love that name! He he!

    So happy for you in this new adventure--


  4. Congrats Captain Micah!...beautiful aircraft, have fun flying it... Whick

  5. Wow! Congratulations, Micah! I'm so incredibly happy for you! What a blessing to still do what you love so much AND to finally have a schedule too! Woo Hoo!!! :o) You completely deserve it!


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