Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Second Catering Event


Our first catering event brought to us our second. A guest at the wedding reception where we made our first cupcakes liked them so much that she hired us for her daughter’s wedding just one week later.


I ended up working until 1:00 PM on Saturday, then rushed home in time to help frost and deliver the cupcakes to the wedding at 5:30.


We had our share of excitement with the cupcake liners not performing as they should. Let’s just say we learned quite a bit from our entire second catering experience!


Also at the last minute, the bride decided not to use our white cupcake display but to use her own vintage cake stands.


That was fine with us, except they weren’t ready when we got there. We spent an hour trying to locate the right pieces on our own, which resulted in us still setting up as the party officially started.


Again, we learned a lot this time around!


The Tuesday before the wedding, we did a test batch of a new flavor that the client had requested: Key Lime Cupcakes.

IMG_2936  IMG_2940

These delicious minis were made up of a lime cake with a fresh lime juice glaze before being cored and filled with a homemade fresh lime curd. We then piped on some cream cheese buttercream frosting and sprinkled on white sanding sugar and garnished with a miniature lime wedge.

Needless to say, they were a hit.

When I took our test batch to the client to taste them on Tuesday afternoon, she changed her order and wanted more of the Key Lime. They were that good!


I love being at events, which gave me the chance to hand our contact information to those interested. I hope it leads to more events for us, since I’m having a lot of fun with this!

150 mini Lemon Squeeze, 150 mini Key Lime


  1. So proud of you Micah! How fun.

  2. Yummy, so proud! Congrats! Life has many lessons, especially for beginners (sadly) :)

    BRAVO! :)

  3. First of all, congratulations on your new job. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Secondly, congratulations on making the most be-u-ti-ful key lime cupcakes I've seen. Finally, as my now cupcake expert I'm wondering if mere cravings are enough to call upon your services or if I must plan a formal event to relish in your goodness.

  4. Question: How is the number on the side of your blog still going up when you are making all of these amazing cupcakes??? I will marry Travis all over again just so that you can bring me some cupcakes! They look YUMMY!!

  5. Hmmm. I haven't really been on the scale for a few weeks. We don't know how that number presently stands!

    I am coming up in June with T'liese, Megan, and Babies! We will make some cupcakes then, OK?

    Love you!


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