Saturday, March 3, 2012

When the Going Gets Green


Ever since I weeded the rock pile in the backyard last week, I have sorely missed color and greenery when I peek outside my windows. Hubby and I remedied that today by planting some beautiful (and affordable) plants in some pots that we bought when we used to be “gardeners.”


That gardening phase has long since passed. In fact, other than basil, I don’t think we are attempting anything in the garden this year. I can’t exactly say that makes me sad…I may or may not have been secretly elated when the executive decision was made by my significant other.


He makes all of the big decisions around here. Which type of cereal he should have for breakfast at 6:00 AM. The perfect timing for his corn dogs to be cooked in the microwave. And which flavor(s) of corn nuts to enjoy during a Redbox movie.

Yes, all of these executive decisions revolve around food. It’s how we roll in this household.


Anywho, back to the lack of vegetation in our backyard…

I know that I shouldn’t complain too loudly here, because our winters in Arizona are pretty stinkin’ awesome. But even without all that white yucky stuff on the ground, I really start to miss some color and flowers and growth (other than algae in the pool…we have plenty of that) around our home.


Without a better way to describe it, I start craving softball season Spring.


It is a huge treat to now look out my window and see colorful pots full of colorful plants looking back at me. The older I get, the less it takes to entertain me.


While trimming the bougainvillea in the front yard, Hubby decided to try an experiment. He kept a long shoot from a chopped branch and planted it deep into one of the awaiting pots in the backyard. We don’t know if it will survive, though my always-positive husband is certain that everything else will die, and his free plant will be the only thing that lasts.


No, we haven’t been tainted by our bad luck in landscaping attempts so far? Why do you ask?


Since we are eating outside on our patio this coming week, we will probably use more branches of the bougainvillea in smaller pots as centerpieces. We’ll see how this big guy does first and then plant the smaller ones even the day-of to imitate real plants.


Fake it ‘til you make it. That’s how we garden.

Unfortunately, we have yet to “make it”…

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