Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day for Government Paperwork


If I have a pen that I love, one of my favorite things to do is fill out forms. NERD ALERT! No doubt, my killer social life is to blame for this. It’s weird admitting it in writing, but sometimes the truth can be harsh. The good news is that if you ever need a form filled out, you now have a gal to do it!


One form that I am filling out today (happily!) is the Federal Aviation Administration 8710 form to add a new rating or license to my current pilot certificate. Since we have some international trips coming up in May, I need to have my Second-In-Command type rating in the Phenom 300 added to my pilot license.


No one wants to spend time in jail for improper flight documents. But especially if a white-sand beach is just a few feet outside the barred window. I kind of go crazy if there is a hammock within a five-mile radius and I’m not in it, so I thought I would knock documentation out beforehand to prevent any risk when traveling in May.


A pilot’s logbook is like a Bible and is sacred. It records everything one wants to know about a flight, such as flight time, departure and destination points, instrument time, cross-country time, night time, landings, simulator time, etc. And when applying for a new rating or license from the FAA, they want to know all of that information to keep for their records.


Yes, these forms can all be done online. But I tried to use that method last month and got shot down. Since the Captain who signed off my SIC type rating in the Phenom 300 isn’t a Certified Flight Instructor, the computer system wouldn’t allow him to endorse my submission. Which meant that the FAA wouldn’t help me add an additional type rating to my certificate when I arrived in person at the Flight Standards District Office. So I left empty-handed, worried about how I was going to get this done!


The regulations allow for a qualified and type-rated Captain to sign off a Second-In-Command, so I am taking paper versions today with hopes that they will approve. Working with any government entity is like walking on eggshells, and the FAA can be no different at times. Am I saying this all correctly, Jacob?

Wow. Why is everyone asleep?

I shall summarize. I am filling out forms (yay!) to give to the FAA this afternoon to get a Second-In-Command type rating in the Phenom 300 added to my Airline Transport Certificate. I want to be legal for all impending out-of-the-country flights. Legal is always a good thing.


Airplane stuff is my favorite topic, but I tend to lose some readers when I mention too much. But it matters a lot to me, so there is bound to be some airplane stuff mentioned on this here blog. I hope you’re still with me. Airplanes are pretty cool, and I’m sure that is one of the first things that we will be told when we die. I’m just glad I already know it…and I will probably be the one saying to you, “I told you so.”

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  1. Yes, airplanes are pretty cool, 2nd only to those why fly them. Congrats on another rating! That's quite the resume. Although I can't understand a word of it, I think you might win the award for "prettiest log book" if there is one.


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