Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recipe – Sweet and Salty Cookies


When I lived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, a small mom-and-pop chocolate store existed in downtown.


I know you might be surprised that Grand Forks has a downtown. It’s the part of town that was washed away in the Red River Flood of 1997.


You can still see the water lines on the exterior of buildings. It’s a crazy reminder that Mother Nature always wins.


Inside this mom-and-pop chocolate store, lovingly called Widman’s Candy Shop, you can also see the 8-foot water lines on the interior walls. They left them there as a reminder of what had happened.


The water marks being present does not affect this shop’s ability to pump out some incredible treats. Their most-famous being chocolate-dipped wavy potato chips, Chippers.


I’ll let that sink in for a moment.


Those little monsters were practically the best of everything. Salty crunch dipped in delicious milk chocolate. It was divine.


So when I discovered a chocolate chip cookie recipe that called for potato chips crushed inside, I knew that I had struck gold. Eureka!


The original recipe came from Krissy’s Creations. She had me at “potato chip.” I only added half a teaspoon of the salt called for in the cookie dough. I’m glad I did, since the chips add lots of salt to the mix!


I recommend avoiding her site if you are diabetic, trying not to become diabetic, or playing The Biggest Loser with your cousins. Yet one more thing to derail those weigh-in efforts of mine…


These cookies also have pretzels inside. I’ve always been under the impression that pretzels are a health food. Am I wrong?


Give these cookies a try to find out.

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