Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fencing Assistance


No, I’m not taking up a new hobby. Though that cool white outfit and mask found on fencers would be a pretty neat addition to my closet, don’t you think?


I need your assistance with a difference type of fencing. The type that supposedly keeps dogs, cats, and homeless people from straying into the backyard.


You can see from this sign, left by the previous owners of the home, that backyard privacy is taken pretty seriously around here. Unfortunately for us, despite the obviously-cat smeared blood and the sign warning of dogs, we have cats-a-plenty in our backyard. Sometimes I scare myself yelling at them. (Susan, please assure Ashley that this is not dog blood).


Anyway…how do I get off topic so easily?! Oh yes. The fence.


Actually, this little guy is a gate. And until this afternoon, I was under the impression that we were replacing this aforementioned gate located at the side of our house. It doesn’t doesn’t get points for attractiveness, doesn’t close properly, is an eyesore, doesn’t move freely, looks awful, sounds awful, and looks like crap.


Other than those few things, I have no opinion on the matter.


Using some of our tax refund, we had discussed getting this guy replaced with a nicer-looking and properly-functioning close twin brother. (One guess who’s idea this was?) We have never-seen-our-house-before family coming to town next month, so I had visions of sugar plumbs and gates dancing in my head to be finished in time for their viewing.


For some reason, when I pulled up to the house today and saw Hubby outside working on the gate, I just knew that my dream of replacement was being tossed out the window.


Because the gate now closes slightly better than it did before, it has been pronounced a done deal. Which means, for now, I just need to make the most of what we have. Which is where your assistance comes in!


I will be replacing some of the boards that are water-damaged beyond repair or broken. Probably about one-third of these slabs will need to be taken out and replaced with new ones. And then the dilemma…what should I do with the wood?

  • Should I stain it dark and then seal it?
  • Should I seal it as a light wood after sanding it down to get rid of the blood unknown splotches?
  • Should I paint the wood to match the lighter color of the house exterior (a light tan)?
  • Or paint it like the darker tan color (best seen on the garage door)?
  • Just for those few “helpful” individuals, I might as well express now that camouflage paint is not an option.

I also will be spray painting the black surround to bring it back to life. Depending on what we decide to do with the wood, I may keep it black or spray it with the same Navajo White found on the front door security screen. You know I like matchy-matchy! Or at least like things were done intentionally!

Speedy ideas are welcome, since I would love to knock this out while I am home for a few short days this week. Who knows when I will be home again! Please share your suggestions. And thanks in advance, all you creative minds, you.


  1. Cheryl10:47 AM

    So I think your 1st idea on the list sounds awesome! -To stain it dark and seal it. It will tie in the dark brown roof. Not that you need to, but you know. It would look awesome!!! But whatever you decide on, I'm sure it will look great! Especially without the "cat blood." :o)

  2. I like the idea of painting it the same color as your house. It will lengthen your home, making it look bigger. Then instead of black trim, go the color of the garage door. Just my 2 cents worth. But then what do I know!?!? xoxo


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