Friday, April 6, 2012

Time to Fly Home


After spending my third week in Baton Rouge in four weeks, it was time to once again let Gladys bring us home.


I am still really liking Gladys. She isn’t stuck-up and is nice to all the kids at school. And you know what? Everyone likes Gladys, too.


Friday afternoon, I hitched a ride from the hotel shuttle for a twenty-five minute drive to the Louisiana Aircraft FBO. These guys have been so good to us this past month, and I highly recommend them.


They are avid LSU Tigers fans, but that seems to be rampant all over town and not just at the airport.


Have I mentioned how much I love air stairs? I feel like I’m flying an official airplane now that these huge steps descend to let me inside. It always feels like a spaceship…but in a good way.


Here is Baton Rouge tower next to my dream car, the Lexus GX570. Someday, right? It might be next to impossible to convince Hubby that this is what we will need to tow kids around. A girl can dream. And drool.


I always make sure the airplane is stocked and ready for anything. Funny thing…I had a dream last night that a bunch of kids were on-board and would only drink Coco-Cola (sound familiar, Ted?), but I only had Caffeine-free, Diet Coke. Wow, talk about angry kids…


I bet you know immediately who got to organize all of these drawers…


And here is our ice bin, though I just stick drinks in here to cool them a little, since we have some cold-sensitive peeps who like to come along. I just don’t want them to get boiling water, so this is just enough to get them cool. And, just like a real airplane, it has a drain that can be opened inside to allow the melted water out.


With that old Beechjet I used to fly, I had to wiggle the ice box out and throw the remains outside. I always tried to aim it at people, but I don’t give the stealthiness of some people enough credit sometimes…

IMG_3452  IMG_3453

Can you imagine having to manually empty the ice instead of just opening a drain?! (snort)


It took about three and a half hours to arrive home at dusk. Which meant we followed the sunset the entire way. It would have been pretty, except the sun was right in my eyes for the whole flight home. I’m still seeing circles!


After loading up the car with bags and boxes, it was time to prep the airplane for being home. After being gone constantly for five weeks, I had my first week at home! I was thrilled!


Since the air conditioning died in my car last summer, I drove home on the 101 Freeway with the windows down and the radio cranked up.


I always smile thinking about how stinkin’ awesome this new job truly is. I feel so blessed to have it.


But maybe you sense that by now?


  1. The interior of that plane is gorgeous! It sounds like you take good care of your passengers. I am so glad you are happy in your new job! Hopefully it was worth all the angst you went through before it was final.

    1. I got to go shopping for those blankets, pillows, snacks, etc. Did you notice how the blankets match the tan seat?! Man, it's really fun to go to Target with someone else's credit card! The stress is long-gone since I've had this new job. I am really happy with it.


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