Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Louisiana Than Ever Before


Yep. Back to Baton Rouge. Lots of important meetings take place in Baton Rouge, after all. And we like to be in on all the action.


Last Monday morning, I was up at the crack of dawn to shower and pack for my week-long trip to the deep south once again. I woke up even earlier than Hubby because I needed to be to the Scottsdale FSDO to submit my Certified Flight Instructor renewal papers. It’s official. I’m still an instructor. At least, for another two years!


After they quickly moved my paperwork through and gave me a temporary certificate, I was on my way to the hangar to see Gladys.

IMG_3387  IMG_3389

It never fails to take my breath away…seeing this gorgeous hunk of metal sitting on the ramp. It just never gets old. Am I alone in this sentiment?


Our passengers showed up on time for our three-hour flight to Baton Rouge International Airport. It was a great flight, but almost every flight I’ve ever been on has been great. So take that statement with a grain of salt.


Once on the ground, it was time to clean out the trash, empty the ice bin, and install the pitot covers and wheel pins. It doesn’t take long to get this airplane ready for a few days on the ramp.


Then, we borrowed a crew car to eat some lunch. Not much exists near the airport, so we drove about twelve miles to one of my favorite chains, Logan’s Roadhouse. I love steak but rarely get it, so now was my chance.


The best part of traveling to this neck of the woods was discovering a hotel right across the street from the Mall of Louisiana. It was calling my name.


When I got back to the nothing-within-walking-distance Springhill Suites, I did some sleuthing and managed to get a room at the Hyatt Place for the remaining three nights of my stay.


If a girl has to stay in Baton Rouge, she might as well stay near a mall. I’m glad we are all in agreement.


IMG_3399  IMG_3400

More pictures of the week to come!

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