Monday, April 9, 2012

Recipe – Gourmet Sandwiches and Chips


Do you have a man in your house? Does he prefer to eat corn dogs over the fine cuisine that you wish you were home to prepare? Do you ever want to make something special for him, because you’ve been away from home for over a month?


Well, you’re in luck. Today’s recipe is perfect for that big, burly, hairy man in your life. He will love these sandwiches, and you will love them, too.


Every sandwich needs a good side dish, so I began a hunt for some homemade potato chips to crunch next to our sammies.


Our house smelled like a diner for two days as a result. It was awesome.


But I dare say the end result was worth it. I used a recipe for made-from-scratch potato chips from Just A Taste. Thanks for showing me this website, Charloe. It’s a beauty!

After my hand model/kitchen assistant finished sprinkling the seasoning on the chips and tossing, it was practically impossible to resist them. I am not a huge mass-produced potato chip fan, but these hit the spot. Homemade always tastes better.


With the potato chips cooling and taunting me in a bowl on the counter, it was time to assemble some delicious sandwiches.


Baguettes are practically necessary. Don’t skimp on bread for your man! Or whatever hairy creature is lucky enough to eat this meal with you. Feel free to toast your baguettes, if you want.


I made a homemade garlic aioli, which is just a fancy word for mayonnaise mixed with something. I’m not a huge mayo fan, either, but adding a little seasoning goes a long way.


Is it weird that some things I don’t like can combine to make an incredible bite in my mouth?


Also, don’t skimp on your lunch meat. After I was an esteemed Deli Team Member for three years in Super Target (hey, it helped pay tuition…), I am practically an expert on deli lunch meats. You can still buy whatever meat is on sale that week, but please have an expert thinly slice your selection.


You won’t regret this executive decision.


Don’t let those weird hats and hair nets scare you away. And you might as well get some Swiss cheese or Provolone sliced thinly while you’re at the counter. Those ladies will love it!


Grab some veggies to top your sandwich. Avocados are a must here. Trust me. The great thing about these hunks-o-love is that you can personalize it. Hubby even added jalapenos to his sandwich. Yes, he is perfect. Thank you.

Nice, thick slices of tomato and avocado with a nice, crunchy Boston lettuce. Did I mention that we happened to add crumbled bacon? Holy smokes. Enjoy…and don’t share.


  1. Micah, Merrill is reading this with me and drooling. Even after I just filled him full of Ree's scalloped potatoes!!! Looks good! xoxo

  2. Looks like a plate of perfection! Yummy!

  3. Yumo! Looks delicious, and with you as a chef there is no chance of starvation in the home! lol. Loved the photos vvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy professional :)


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