Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Almost an Animal Shelter…Almost

I am waiting for that knock on my door…from the spray-painting intervention team that conveniently has a special spot in its heart for the proper treatment of fake animal heads.


I’ve posted about other animal heads in our home. Maybe it’s my growing-up-in-a-small-town side coming out, but I really love the idea of random, modern animal heads throughout the house. This way of thinking is completely normal, I assure you.


When it starts to become creepy, hopefully I’ll recognize and remedy the situation before people don’t want to come over. Or a stampede takes place.


Other than a new drain in the tub, we haven’t done a whole lot to decorate the guest bathroom. Each time I walk past, I yearn for more color. I have been on the lookout for a cheap frame and finally found my $2.99 score last week.

I lucked out in that it was a professionally-framed ensemble, so I actually got a very high-quality frame for a wonderful price. All is well in my world when things like this happen.

Finding the perfect frame meant, of course, that spray paint was going to be involved. But we all knew that was bound to happen. I don’t buy a single thing at thrift stores without breaking out my trusty cans of spray paint.


Excitement took over before I took any pictures. In fact, when it donned on me that pictures would be a good thing in this situation, I was hanging the finished product on the bathroom wall. You’ll just have to trust me on this one that the tarnished brass frame with the faded San Francisco landscape sketch inside didn’t mind a facelift at all.


I really like him. Like, really. I love having a moose in my house. You can get your very own here from the Graphics Fairy. I have been vying for this one to be hung over our fireplace for quite some time, but all I seem to get are crazy looks when I mention hanging a 31” moose in our dining area. So I can deal with baby steps. I can add a moose here, add a moose there. One at a time. Starting with this one.


The Eden Green that got sprayed on the mat just makes me happy. I love that the crisp white print just pops, and it is surrounded so nicely by the now-satin-nickel frame. We needed more green in the guest bathroom to balance out the blue rugs. Both blue and green are present in the shower curtain, so it all ties together.


If I play my cards right, I might still get a giant white ceramic moose over the fireplace someday. For now, I’m happy that this little guy has decided to join our family.


  1. And I get to see that moose in person in a couple days!! We can hardly wait to get there!!

    1. Mom, this moose was for you.


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