Friday, June 29, 2012

Store Crashing–Target Edition


I like Target. Some people prefer to doll things up by calling it Tar-Jay. Target is one of my favorite stores in the world to wander regardless of the pronunciation preference.

I say wander because I, amazingly enough, rarely buy anything here. Sure, they have candy that doesn’t seem to exist in any other stores, and that is what usually ends up being on my shopping list if I’m anywhere near a Target.

But I love going here for inspiration or fun finds. What? You do, too?! Well, then. Let me show you what was found yesterday when I crashed their home department!


Even though these aren’t the colors that normally draw me in, I love these fun summer melamine dishes. Oddly enough, I am digging the coral a little more than the orange, but I love them both together. I also really like the tall hammered orange tumblers for some texture on a table.

They are just bright, happy, and scream, “Summer Party!” And I’m down with that.


If I went with this color scheme, which I never would because of the severe lack of blue and green, then I would definitely go with this plate. If there was green in this guy, look out!

Glad I dodged that bullet, though. At $3.99 a plate, it wouldn’t be cheap to outfit an entire table with these melamine beauties!

I hope Hubby reads this so he knows that I actually do possess self-control when it comes to my purchases. I have admired these outdoor eating sets for months and haven’t done a thing about it. If you see him, tell him that I don’t spend money quite as recklessly as I could. Or wish I could.


So I would put water in the tall tumblers, then a special fun dinner drink in these. My preferred poison is homemade strawberry lemonade. Is there anything better than strawberry seeds obstructing the path while you’re trying to get a big old chug of lemonade?

I didn’t think so.


You know that I love blue, but did you also know that I adore little things? And these little blue dipping bowls fit both bills! I also love the wood serving tray underneath to add some texture.


Now we’re talking, Colors. And this is where I could easily get into lots of trouble, since these are my greens and blues, yo! I love all of these fun, festive dishes for outdoor eating.

Now, if it would simply drop below 113 degrees, we could actually use our outdoor space!

Hey, Fall is only fourteen months away. Can’t wait!


At first I didn’t know what these were. I thought someone had put a lamp over a sculpture in the store, just for kicks and giggles. But, upon closer inspection, I discovered that they really were lamps! I’m not much of a fan and would certainly never get one for my house. But for some reason, they cracked me up. So I thought you would enjoy seeing them, too.

Target had a weird display in the works, and these were part of it. Honestly, I think they are gearing up for college starting in a few months. Because, you know, June is the perfect time to start putting out school year items!


Lately, Target has been color-coding their home decorating department. I love it. You can directly visit the section of color found in your home and go to town. Once again, I didn’t go to town on any of these sections. If you see Hubby, let him know how fiscally responsible I’m being in Target today!

I love those tall plum glass vases, but luckily they wouldn’t match in my house. This is a rare instance where spray paint would not make things better.


So simple. So pretty. I liked this lamp and immediately imagined Christmas-themed stuff inside. Christmas is less than six months away, just in case you didn’t know. Wahooooo!

Because the lamp is so simple, you could really add some flare with a neat and colorful lamp shade.


This was in a impractical-for-my-house red frame, but I love the picture inside. Since amusement parks make me so happy, the appeal is obvious. I like even more that it looks like such an old park, like straight out of the 1940s! (It’s a graaaaaand night, for siiiiiingiiiiing). If I could get rid of the glare on the glass, I would love to frame this on a gallery wall in my home.


More things from the red section. I feel badly for the color-blind customers!

This pillow was so pretty, and I loved the dimension. If it was green or blue, we may have had some trouble on our hands. I am on a search for some new couch pillows of my own, but red simply wouldn’t work in my house.


But don’t you love the up-close detail of the pillow? Sometimes, for rare fleeting moments of my life, I wish that I could sew and owned all of the equipment to do such.

Luckily for me and everyone else, the moment passes before I can act on it. So I will simply admire pretty sewn stuff and move along the line.

I don’t think that I’m patient enough to enjoy sewing. And I hate when machines are smarter than me!


I loved these decorative shape thing-a-ma-bobs, though I have no way to justify the price for each one. Really? $8 for that little guy? This is great proof of why I rarely make purchases in this, one of my favorite stores. If I fall in love with something here, it eventually appears at TJ Maxx. And for about a third of the price of these shelves.

These would probably end up spray-painted if I was the proud owner. But probably knew that already, huh?


Now we’re talking! I still have a few bare walls in my house (shocking, I know), and these would be perfect to create a fun gallery wall. I could see twenty or thirty of them randomly placed with cool family pictures inside.


I love that they come in three shades of my favorite color. And, at $5.99 for a three-pack, they are less than two bucks a piece. Not too shabby. I almost pulled the trigger on these but didn’t.


Target always has a wonderful selection of fake plants. If you knew my track record with real plants, you would completely understand why their version of fakes make me so happy. I tend to kill plants just by looking at them any more. I think fake will be the way I am for the rest of my life!

In plants, you guys! In plants! Fake plants!

Unlike lots of other stores, these flowers look like they were just clipped out of your unsuspecting neighbor’s flower garden. I love their authenticity and variety.


And if I allowed myself to spend $9 a stem, these puppies would have come home with me. Even though my house isn’t exactly pink, these are soft and pretty and looked so real!

We would probably develop an indoor bee problem if these were ours.


So I’ve never been afraid of color, and I am somewhat of a fan of organizing things. Here combines those two passions with colorful storage bins for any room! Even the orange is so cool. I was debating between orange and yellow for my accent color in the house way back when.

Yellow won out, obviously, because I have a giant yellow dresser in my living room. But orange was a very close second. I love orange.


Parker, I instantly thought of you when I saw this writer kit. How cool would it be to have this in your writing tools?


And if these hadn’t been $10, I would have snatched them up in a heartbeat. I don’t know if I’m cool enough to get away with serving people iced dentures in their drinks, but I would love the chance to find out.

Target had a bunch of little eclectic things like this. Again, I think they are gearing up for the college kids who will be returning in August.

Does that mean I am not acting my age if I love these?!


In my most difficult move of the day, I passed by this clearance rack without purchasing a single thing. What’s wrong with me?! These giant lanterns were on sale for just over $4, and I have been wanting lots of lanterns to hang among the outdoor patio lighting that we presently have. Down from $12, I really wish I could justify owning about a dozen of these guys.

Yes, I would spray paint them. Did you really need to ask?


You know, because June is the best time to start getting rid of your outdoor furniture section in the store. I wouldn’t mind if Christmas trees appeared here next, but some people would probably complain about that.


This was my favorite find of the day for Hubby! I took this picture to show him last night. I wanted approval to get it for him, since he has lots of Scout camping planned over the next few months. But he didn’t get the joke! I had to explain the shirt to him! Which cracked me up even more. Wouldn’t this be an awesome t-shirt to own?

So that concludes this episode of Target Crashing. What have you seen oot and aboot lately that you love? Why is Target one of your favorite places to “shop?”

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  1. Oh dear, I loved it all! Seems like my forte in all you do too, ha ha! Yes that writing is amazing and I'd love it! (You might too, organization and all). Awesome post, I fear my house may be the best decorated when I grow up...I'll attack the stores and spray paint like you, so thanks for the inspiration! My creativity is going wild with no venting, darn!


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