Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Comfort Food for a Rainy Bremerton Day


After such a beautiful day yesterday as I explored the city of Seattle, I knew that today was going to be completely different in terms of weather.

One of my favorite things in the world is to wake up to the sound of rain. It happened this morning. I love that! Little raindrops knocked on my hotel window all day long.


But eventually, my stomach reminded me that rain couldn’t prevent me from eating a meal. And I knew from previous experience that none of the restaurants that deliver would mange to bring me anything good. So I only had one choice…brave the weather and head outside to find some grub.

This is the street on which my hotel lives. Isn’t this charming?


One of the countless reasons that I love Bremerton so much is the proximity to so many things within walking distance.

This is one of my favorite sandwich shops, for instance, and it is a whole block away from my hotel room. Downtown was busy setting up tents and blocking streets for a festival tomorrow, so it seems that my favorite sandwich shop took the day off as a result.

It’s weird that they didn’t consult me first.


No problem! I will just walk a few more blocks to another restaurant and hope that it is open for lunch! Hi, Navy Shipyard!


I really love downtown Bremerton. It pretty much shuts down at five o’clock, which can make getting dinner rather difficult when living in a hotel room. But today, I enjoyed the cool walk as I wandered for food.

Is this how the ancient nomads felt? Cold and hungry as they trucked along on pavement?


And, luckily, another favorite was open. You know that I’ve been here a lot. But I can’t help it. I enjoy their food and know what to expect.


Today was definitely a comfort food type of day. So I accidentally ordered a hot chocolate. I don’t know who asked for whipped cream…


And I sat back to enjoy a good book while waiting for the rest of my lunch to arrive. Another mini rainstorm passed through while I was inside the Bremerton Bar and Grill today, but I was toasty warm while reading inside.

What more could a girl want?


Well, OK then. I guess I could want a Santa Fe Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I told you that it was all about unhealthy comfort foods today! Look at all of those veggies inside grilled sourdough bread! It looks good enough to eat. And I did. Half of it.


I tried their homemade chips once and have never looked back. I hate to admit that these little guys were one of the main reasons that I was glad to find this place open today. Are homemade potato chips considered comfort food?


Then I continued my big loop back to the hotel. In between rainstorms, of course.

This is the entrance to the shipyard. I’ve always wanted to see if I could get in to look around, but there are armed guards. So I’m a big chicken.


This white building on the left is the Puget Sound Navy Museum, which I visited in March. It was nice enough that I think I will visit it again next time that I’m in town.


So I know that we just talked about lunch, but several hours of reading and enjoying a few cooking shows on the Food Network doesn’t warrant many pictures. So later that evening, it was time to grab dinner.

Welcome to the Toro Lounge. This is my NEW favorite place to eat in Bremerton.


Again, I hesitated because it was a lounge, where no-doubt ordering alcohol is expected. But I just pretended that water was completely normal and enjoyed the pretty flowers while waiting for my food to arrive.


And arrive it did. Holy cow, this place was awesome! The menu consists of several tapas plates and small appetizers for order. I opted to get their Caesar salad, which is one of the best I’ve ever had. I love how they dressed it as whole lettuce leaves. Homemade croutons! Yummy!

But the Truffle Papas Fritas with Curry Ketchup were definitely my favorite thing in this place. They were perfectly salted and perfectly delicious. I’ve never had anything like them. But I approve whole-heartedly.


Of course, always when ordering, my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I also ordered their artisan bread to dip in roasted garlic olive oil. I was so full after a yummy salad and fries that I simply had this boxed up to take back to the hotel.

Talk about a yummy snack before bed!

I can’t wait to go back to this place. Who needs to order a drink to enjoy an incredible dinner! The only thing that would have made it better would be to have Hubby sitting across from me to eat most of what I order.

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve seen him, and I can’t wait to get home to him tomorrow. That is way too long to leave a man to fend for himself in the kitchen.

In fact, while I was gone for work, I received a text message saying he was below two-hundred pounds, and that he was making himself a pan of brownies to try to remedy the situation. He cracks me up. But I couldn’t wait to be home to fatten him back up!


The day ended with some beautiful cloudy shots of the sunset, facing towards the east. I love how the harbor looks at night. And those clouds! Wow!

And off goes another ferry to Seattle. Maybe next time that I’m in town, I will plan for a later day in downtown so that I can see Seattle all lit up at night. Not that I’m already planning my next visit or anything…


  1. Gosh, now I'm hungry. Oh wait, it is almost 1300, I guess it's OK to be hungry!
    Another really good post, sis. I wish we would get a little of that Northwest rain here, today!

  2. Hot Chocolate and Watership Down on a rainy day! Heavenly!


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