Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exploring Seattle – A Ferry Ride Home


I had an absolute blast checking out Seattle today. Did you enjoy the stroll? Were there any landmarks that you liked seeing, either again or for the first time?

I walked back to the ferry station and watched a beautiful ferry depart. Yep. It was going back to Bremerton. That’s OK. I don’t mind waiting in a crowded terminal to wait for my next ride an hour later.

My people-watching quota is never met.


In a sad moment, I took one last glare-free picture of the city beloved by me. Goodbye, sweet, sweet Seattle. It’s probably going to be a few days before I get to see you again.

Sniff sniff.


It is incredible how much cargo gets moved through this city. Look at this giant parked at the harbor to get unloaded by the octopus crane! And, just outside of the main harbor, several more humongous ships await their turn to get unloaded.

It’s all a logistical miracle, I tell you.

Do you remember how there were only a few cars in line this morning to head over to Bremerton on the ferry? Well, now look at everyone trying to go home! You would think it was just after the work bell rang, or something.


I know the schedule for ferries leaving from Bremerton, but I apparently haven’t paid much attention to the return trips. Now I have this schedule, forever burned in my brain. I love that I hope to use it a lot these next few years!


I waited inside until the mechanical counters released to let me through to wait for the next ferry to Bremerton. I am sitting on a concrete bench. Who thought that was a good idea during the design process?!

I waited patiently for the next boat by soaking up the views and marveling at such a wonderful day in the city.

Here is another cargo ship, waiting to come in for his turn!

Here comes my ride home! That lower deck is where all the cars, bikes, and motorcyclists ride. Usually, the passengers come up top for better views during the hour-long ride over to the city. About twenty minutes out from arriving, the loudspeaker tells everyone to return to their vehicles in anticipation of arrival.

It is all a well-oiled machine, I tell you.


While my ferry saunters into the dock, I admire the other ferry about to leave for Bainbridge Island. Lots of people commute into the city. It’s probably the only affordable way, really.


I am wearing a present from my boss’s friend, who has a headphone company about to start up. The sound is amazing, and I listened to John Denver on my trip back to Bremerton this evening.

It was appropriate music for just such a crossing.


Is it weird that I really did wave goodbye? People around me didn’t seem to mind. Though they did avoid eye contact for the rest of the trip home…


There were plenty of pretty sights from the ferry to be seen as we chugged along. My feet appreciated that they were up on a bench and no longer walking the streets of Seattle.


How pretty is this?

And this? It’s almost like my trip into town was heralded by angels. Yes, it was that much fun, thank you very much.


I said goodbye to this bridge this morning. That already seems like so long ago! At least it signals that Bremerton Ferry Station is coming up next!


Well, hello, Bremerton Naval Shipyard. You look rather dashing in this evening sunset, don’t you?


Hi, Bremerton! It’s great to be “home.”


We are getting closer to the ferry dock. I don’t think that they care quite as much about the surrounding areas here, since there aren’t giant wooden guides to help the boat captains steer to the loading dock.

Maybe Bremerton is just more laid back about everything!


Another shot of the shipyard, a little closer in. This was the largest dry dock in the world for three decades in the early 1900s, just so you know.


Almost there. A little closer. A little more now.

We had company for the docking process. With the perfect weather and boats to be seen, I would be hanging out in the harbor today, too.

If I was a seagull and all.


The hydraulic ramp lowered for us peeps to disembark. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Beep beep beep.


And then, I walked home! My room is on the top floor. Can you see it?


Downtown Bremerton is so pretty. I guess, if I absolutely had to, I could be happy living here, too.

Exploring Seattle is done at last. What did you think?

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  1. Thanks, Micah. It's almost as good as being there!


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