Monday, August 6, 2012

Haboobies When I’m Gone


Hubby keeps telling me that we get crazy dust storms, or haboobs, out of nowhere quite often during our summer monsoon months.

Yes, you read that correctly. We have a monsoon season. In fact, while it drops the temperature a few degrees in July and August (just a few…we are still often above 110 F), it propels our humidity into astronomical numbers. At least, the numbers are astronomical to desert-dwellers such as us who prefer the winter humidity of three percent.

Since I was gone nineteen days in July (fourteen of those in a row), I missed out on several Haboobs in action.

By the way, I’m really going to enjoy a few weeks home. I feel like it’s been since I’ve seen Hubby! I had to carry a picture with me so I could remember what he looked like when I finally arrived home at 4:00 AM the other day.


Speaking of Hubby, he shot this picture on the day before I got home. I love that the clock is visible, because it is obviously 5:00 somewhere. It proves that the dust storm has taken over the sky and darkened everything, several hours before we normally see a darkened sky around these parts.

Outside, an eerie, scary orange sky enveloped our home as the dust storm moved over the neighborhood. These haboobs don’t mess around, that’s for dang sure.

Above in the first picture, the flash caught all of the dust particles as they made their way to wreaking havoc on recently-cleaned pools and sparkling patio furniture everywhere. It still baffles me that we are able to keep most of this dust outside…where it belongs.

Do you have any haboob experience? I recommend incorporating the word into your daily vocabulary, just because it’s so much fun. But be careful when you are searching for “haboobs” on the internet.

I’m just sayin’…

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