Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Lovely Lamp


I live with a man who knows what he likes and likes what he knows. And he happens to hate reaching up into a lamp to turn it on. So it presents a special challenge to me to find things that make him happy that also look good to me.

We have used a simple pull-string lamp from Target for years with great success. But I accidentally went to Goodwill a few weeks ago on their half-price day. And I accidentally found an awesome, manly lamp to replace his small nightstand lamp for better function and appearance. When I accidentally did some Micah Math, I found that the price was only $3 for the sale.


We would both be happy, right?


With a turn switch on the bottom, he wouldn’t have to do anything unpleasant, according to him. But when I told him the good news about my wonderful purchase just for him and his nightstand, he rolled his eyes.


So I decided that rather than wasting my new $3 score on his nightstand without much glory, I would use it in another place in our bedroom that would be more…appreciated.


This lamp even came with the arch and a very beautiful lamp shade top piece. Did I mention that this entire thing only cost $3?


I love that the topper looks like a chess piece. Not that I would know. Hubby tried to teach me chess once…

And a moose once bit my sister.


Of course, I went with my good ol’ standby…Rustoleum Ultra Cover in Satin Lagoon. I have multiple cans of this on hand for just such emergencies.

Some people might not consider a brass lamp an emergency. I am slowly but surely trying to change their minds.

This is what it looks like after its first very light coat of paint. I learned the hard way, back when I was an amateur spray painter, to do several light coats instead of trying to cover up the whole thing in one shot.

Drips and more drips. I will just leave it at that. But I have since mended my ways.


She is done! Now we just have to let it air dry in the 110-degree heat. It was done in no time at all.


Of course, the outdoor lighting in the middle of the day was quite harsh. But I already love the color of the lamp. It’s certainly an improvement over old brass, eh?


And the arch and topper also got a makeover. I do this for all the vertically-challenged people who come to my house and can see under the lamp shade.

Nothing is done half-way in my house when spray paint is involved!

So when Hubby didn’t care what happened to this beauty, I decided to add it to the corner of our dresser on the other side of the room instead. And I really love it. That corner needed something, and the height and light from a lamp was just what the doctor ordered.

I am not a doctor. But I do know me a few things about a few lamps.

I really love it! And this is a sneak-peek into our “new” bathroom, too, which I will share later this week.

The bright pop of blue on the dark dresser really makes me happy. That corner needed something just like this! I went with my usual drum shade from Walmart, which was on clearance for $11. Bonus! A new gorgeous lamp for $14?!

The little green owl hanging out next to the lamp only makes things better. I practically have an animal in every room of the house now. It could be seen as a problem by some…

We have lots of the big stuff, like furniture, finished in the house. Now I am having a blast adding the little touches that can make just as big of a difference. Spray paint is one of my best friends.


  1. I love it!

    And I'm sure the spray paint loves you back, too.

    You silly girl, you!


  2. I love it! I'm trying to get brave enough to spray paint the lamp in my living room. Give me strength! The color is desperately needed there, but I'm chicken.

  3. Also, what type of tape do you use?

    1. Just go look at the paint colors and find one that gets you really excited to spray all over your lamp! Home Depot carries the Rustoleum Ultra that I love so much, and Walmart has lots of colors by Kryon. Once you fall in love with a color, you won't even hesitate to start spraying!

      And, though the pictures lie, I only use Scotch Blue tape. It is a little more expensive, but worth it because of how much better it comes off. In fact, the cheap green stuff seen in these photos is WHY I will only use Scotch Blue!

      Frog Tape is good, too.

      Have fun!!! Wish I could do it for you, but it will feel wonderful to finally get it done on your own, too!

  4. Lovely! And I really like the owl, too. and the flowers and the weddng picture. Nice place.


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