Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It’s An Animal House

I got to thinking lately…and you know that can’t be good.

For a person who isn’t crazy about owning animals (and we never will), we sure do have a bunch of fake ones throughout our house. I’ve added several since I last showed you around the place, so today seems to be a good day to introduce them to you.

Almost every room in the house has an animal in some form. And I love that.

This is Donkit. His not-so-distant cousin, Bunkey, lives in Albuquerque with my good friend, Susan. Donkit came to live with me as a wedding present from Susan and Robin, some of my favorite people in the world.

Donkit and Bunkey received their names when they got teased at school for not quite knowing what they were. Is it a rabbit? Or a donkey? Oh well. Donkit it is. Is that a bunny, or a donkey? Man, it’s getting harder to tell these days. We’ll just name him Bunkey! Combining two unknowns can make a known, in my scientific world.

Donkit happily lives in my office and reminds me of dear friends every time I’m in here working. He was made in Santa Fe is one of the most thoughtful presents that I’ve ever received.

You’ve already met my Moose. It feels weird saying that. He lives in the guest bathroom. Because what could be more welcoming than a moose in such an environment?

My sentiments exactly.

This little owl has been living in our bedroom for a few months now. I really like him, though he looks a little creepy up close.


See what I mean? Creepy to the ninth degree.

Can we get this guy some wrinkle cream, please?!


I found this little duck in Goodwill and promptly paid the $0.50 price tag. Animals aren’t as cheap as they once were, that’s for dang sure. A little bit of metallic spray paint fixed him right up, and now he greets our sleepover guests in the spare bedroom.

I peek in there every time I pass. Seeing ducks in my house just makes me happy. Maybe it’s just a phase. I just hope I’m doing it in a way that won’t make people cringe in four-hundred years when they excavate our house.

“Good grief, what were they thinking? Is that a spray-painted duck?!”

I love him. And that’s really all that matters, right?

You’ve already met this guy before, too. He is one of our first animal additions and has been happy here since we hammered his neck to the wall in a respectful manner last year. He is really quite polite and happily invites people into our house every time the doorbell rings.

I didn’t realize how many encyclopedia sets a gazelle could buy from solicitors!

He kinda has an Egyptian vibe going on with those eyes. He must get that from Hubby’s side of the family. I’m not nearly cool enough to be associated with Egypt.

Can you see her? I love this little duck. That’s right. TWO ducks in one house! And, if we’re being honest here, I’m always on the look-out for another. My motto in life is that one can never have too many ducks.

This is actually one of my favorite views of the house. I love walking down the hall from the bedrooms towards the living room and seeing this sight. After adding this blue glass vase, this is one of my favorite areas in my whole house!

It helps that a metallic silver duck is perched by the blue glass vase, mind you.


Isn’t she pretty? Quack!

When I’m slaving away in a hot kitchen, this is my view of my living room. Have I mentioned lately how very much I love my scorpion-free home? For many reasons. But I must admit…the animals just add to my love.


Now towards the other side of the house in my “reading nook.” This area is far from done, and a fake fireplace insert has been on my want-list for a long time. We also need a comfy and colorful rug underneath, since it’s practically impossible to read barefoot without something soft touching the feet.

I’m presently trying to convince Hubby how cool a used wood pallet wall would look instead of these fake, painted bricks. Texture, Nature, wood…it would bring lots of neat elements to this side of the house. I’ve seen it done here, but it would be all around our fireplace instead of as a headboard.


Since Hubby isn’t on board just yet with my wood pallet idea, let’s simply enjoy our fine green steed. He has been with us for quite a while now, too, and I’m happy to report that the potty training went very well. Hardly any accidents.


Look at that smug grin. He seems to know a secret that none of us do. I hope it has nothing to do with his recent potty training success.


One last view of a horse. I love this part of the house because of all the bright colors. But it needs something more. If I can’t get Hubby to like my wood pallet idea, then maybe I will paint this as a feature wall.

Wood would be way cooler.

So, now you’ve met and re-met all of the animals in our place. I certainly have fun trying to meet our animal-acquisition quota each month. And the best part is that not a single one of these animals sheds or requires feeding!

That we know of…


  1. I still love all the colors in your home! This post made me laugh--you know they all come to life and party it up in the middle of the night, right?

    1. Well, that would certainly explain all of root beer cans...


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