Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jo Totes Camera Bag


One of my main concerns with getting my lovely little DSLR Canon T2i camera last month was the fact that it would need to be protected while I carried it.

Because I’m one of those people…who carries a camera at all times.

So I researched high and low. I even choked on my cereal a few times when I saw the prices for pretty camera bags from some manufacturers.

Do normal people really pay as much as a camera to carry it around in an attractive manner?


I finally stumbled upon Jo Totes and knew at last that my camera portability issues were over.


Double-bonus that the bag that I liked the most was also their most affordable. And in a bright, happy yellow that I simply couldn’t resist. This is the Rose in Marigold color. But, as you can see from their website, they have lots of gorgeous colors. It made my decision a difficult one!

I also love that it has little metal feet to stand upon when I place it down. There is nothing worse than a purse without enough form to stand up. Am I right, ladies?


Another important thing for me was to have the ability to properly organize the inside of the bag. It was slightly bigger than my present purse, so I knew that having a way to compartmentalize my belongings in addition to my new camera hanging out in there was critical.

I love all of the pockets (this particular one is used to holster my cell phone), as well as the Velcro customizable inserts that can make any size compartment that I need.


After I played around with configurations, this is the end result. My camera fits in the far left. My iPod, wallet, sunglasses case, and ear buds fit in the middle, and my car keys live in the right pocket. I love the Houndstooth interior, even more than I thought I would.

There is also a giant zippered pocket inside where I don’t carry cash and coins, but could. Because if I have cash on-hand, I spend it that much more easily!


It also came with a nice, padded shoulder strap that can be added on for additional carrying methods. Because the hand straps are also large enough to fit over my shoulder, I’ve only used this removable shoulder strap once.

But I like having it as an option, should I need it.


And here are the hand straps. There are two of them, though my wonky hand is showing only one. These are sturdy and beautiful and rounded for comfort.

The whole stinking bag was just very well-designed. Lots of little thoughtful things were covered.


The main compartment can either zip up, or use this magnetic closure to stay shut. I find that I rarely zip it up since that prevents me from accessing my Burt’s Bees lip moisturizer in my time of need.


And the main compartment zipper is very beefy. I feel like it will last a long time.

This is a side view of the purse, and you can see where to connect the optional shoulder strap. I love the simple yet feminine additions of the buckles. This bag is just gorgeous and gets compliments all the time.


This exterior zippered pocket is nice, too. It stores receipts until I can get home and keeps my microfiber cleaning cloth safe from the other things that are used more often.


And, to live up to its name of Rose, the beautiful flower on front just makes me happy.

After using this bag for well over a month now, I can say that it is simply wonderful. I can’t think of a single thing that I don’t like about it. If you are looking for a camera bag that can also double as a purse while being inconspicuous, then check out Jo Totes for options.

Every girl likes options.


  1. Beautiful!
    It looks like you, sis!


  2. Thanks! I might check them out!


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