Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reminder to Vote and an Early Christmas

American Flag


Get out to those polling booths today. Take a sharp pen. Make sure that you exercise your right as an American citizen to cast your vote. Please be informed before you go so that the best possible decisions can be made. It’s not just the President who will be picked today, but several members of Congress who play a big part in what succeeds or fails in Washington.

Please don’t think that your vote doesn’t matter. You have a responsibility to take part in today’s election, so make sure that you do it!


Phew! Now that my public service announcement is out of the way, check out these cute Christmas presents that I’ve been working on!


Too early for Christmas? Never.


My siblings and I have gone in together this year for a fun present for my parents. In fact, there are four presents, which means that four little envelopes had to be made.


Of course, we decided in what order things should be discovered by my parents on Christmas morning…

See? I’m not the only Type-A personality in my family! (Just kidding…I probably am).


I had to get these ready to send to my sister, who has some of the other presents in her possession. She will fill the remaining envelopes, then tie them with a cute Christmas-colored twine that I scored online a few months ago.

Brown-paper packages tied up with strings?

Yep. I’ve been thinking about Christmas for a while now. Isn’t it magical?


As they continue to open each envelope in order, the presents just keep getting better and better. We are all really excited about their gift this year!


These are the perfect brown envelopes that I was able to score at JoAnn’s Craft. They are exactly what I had in mind. Then I created tags and printed them out before attaching them to the envelopes. T’liese will be giving these to my Mom in person when she goes to Texas to help with their new little baby in early December.

I don’t know how they will be able to stand it, but my parents will then have to wait a few more weeks for Christmas so they can open everything. In order.

Would I be able to wait? Probably not…

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