Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Consider These Halls Decked


Ah, Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a long wait for me for December to finally arrive. When it does, I am so excited to get these decorations up!


Sadly for Hubby, this means that he gets to do most of the work. It’s how I manage to spread the Christmas spirit very early in the season.

He appreciates it, I’m sure.


We’ve had this unbreakable ornament set from Costco since our very first Christmas together. I love them. They are the right colors and have lots of bling. What more could a Christmas-loving maniac like me want?


Then we went outside. Once again, Hubby is having to do lots of the work here. Who plans this stuff?

We’ve had the inside all Christmased up for a few weeks now. But only last night did we finally put our strand of lights on the house exterior.


He can’t do it without me, though. Someone has to hold the ladder while he climbs up on the roof. And someone has to say, “Is there anyway that we can close that gap there?”

Honestly, what would he do without my constant nagging me?


I really love the idea of putting up Christmas lights with palm trees in the background. It has been absolutely perfect weather for the past few weeks. We haven’t even turned on the heater yet! It will be cold this week…Friday only gets up to 58 degrees!

Yes, that is cold for us! Sheesh!


Simple, but very pretty. Ho ho ho.


Inside is rather festive as well.


I forgot to put the new beaded garland (from clearance a few years ago!) on the tree before all of the ornaments, so I had to get creative with what to do with it. I really love the result! I hung it on the mirrors  and am using it to hold Christmas cards that we receive in the mail!


Well, hello, Cute Cousin Andrew and his family. His wife, Megan, designs cards. She is also a photographer. And I designed her blog. You should probably go check it out.

Charloe, can you see how I’m holding the card to the garland? It’s one of your airplane clips that you gave me for my berfday!


Man, I love reflections of Christmas trees in mirrors. I just really love this month of celebrating. I would have it be Christmas all year long, if I could get away with it.

There is probably a movie about that, and it doesn’t work. But I think that we could make it work.


These were a post-holiday sale score last year, and I love them. Adorable beaded Christmas trees! They make me smile every time that I see them. And isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Smiling for no reason?


This is our beautiful tree. We’ve had this since we got married as well. Want to see how young we were four years ago? OK. Check it out!


I invested in some Christmas pillows this year and am trying really hard to not go buy a few more red ones. This room needs more red, and those couches need more pillows. Red pillows would be a win-win in my book!

But I am trying to be “patient” by waiting for the clearance sales after Christmas…


I cried and cried when I opened this from my Mama a few years ago. I have such wonderful memories of this advent calendar from growing up. She surprised me by sending it to me for my home to enjoy. Isn’t she awesome?

I love it. I talk to it when I move the mouse each day. That’s normal, right?


Of course, the dining room got a little Christmas spirit as well. I love the table but am still not thrilled with that fireplace wall. I have such fun ideas in my head as to how to make that wall a true feature piece in the room. Right now, it’s just busy. With a stocking or two. Too bad I haven’t used this space much this winter.

Now if I could only get a fireplace insert for there…


Another garland that didn’t end up on the tree! Truth be told, I love it just randomly scattered on our Christmas table this year. It makes eating dinner so much better!


See what I mean? My attempt to make it feel cozy has just made it feel busy. And my normal colors of apple green, teal blue, and bright yellow don’t mesh well with Christmas colors, huh?

My favorite addition from my fall clearance sales was this wire mesh basket for $9. They are $25 at Target! I love you, TJ Maxx…


Here is our Christmas mantle. With any luck, it will look even better next year. How is a girl to fit in so many projects? Man, I love projects.


And I’m still debating if this blue table is too bright for the eyes. Opinions?


Our gazelle gets holidayed up as well. I’m pretty sure that someone named her Beyoncé, as that is what she answers to.


I inherited this wreath when I moved to Phoenix (almost six years ago?!) to live with my sister. Somehow, when she moved out, I got lots of stuff that wouldn’t mix well in her new married life. I passed on a lot of it but kept some fun stuff, too.


I know that we have a fake tree, but you wouldn’t know it when this pine candle is going! Christmas trees are probably my favorite smell in the whole wide world.


And, though it isn’t the original like what we had growing up, Mama sent each of us this copycat book of a family favorite. I love this book. We spent hours admiring all of the beautiful pictures inside. So many elves to see! The original can be found here, and it’s pretty cheap! Maybe that will also be on my post-Christmas shopping list!

Please ignore the blocks. They are waaaaaaaay off. I forget to change this because I have a mouse calendar to keep me straight! Who wants to talk to blocks, anyway?


I really love our Christmas tree. It looks stunning at night. I will try to post pictures of that soon!

I got a new camera lens for my birthday, and it would be fun to get some Christmas bokeh with it!


I love our ornaments, too! Bokeh in the background with my normal camera lens!


All year long, I happily anticipate sitting in the living room with some hot chocolate while staring at the tree. I’ve done it many an evening so far and haven’t tired of it yet. This is certainly my favorite time of year, and certainly my favorite holiday.

Aren’t the cable-knit pillows fun?

Are you ready for Christmas? Decorated? Shopped?


  1. Micah I LOVE your house! It looks great! I am sending out Christmas cards...I need your address. email me! Thanks
    PS. If you have jeffs and T'liese too. I already have Charloes!

  2. Looks great (and even better in person, although I'm not sure you had everything up yet). I am having the same issue with meshing normal decor/colors with Christmas decor/colors. You've done a great job! Me, I just haven't put much Christmas decor up! I'll figure it out someday!

  3. The solution to meshing colors is to take down/put away your regular stuff while you decorate for Christmas then put it all back out after the holidays. I came home last night to my house all decorated for Christmas compliments of Merrill and Parker. They did a good job. I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks till the big day! xoxo

    1. Mom, how do you know absolutely everything?

      I hope you had a nice visit to Dallas. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. I love the string for your Christmas cards. Did mine come today? It will be the cutest one you get this year--promise! Kudos to you for finding a way to use the airplane clips--


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