Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretty Pieces for a Previously-Painted Property


After painting their home, it was time to give our neighbors some of their house fixtures back. I bet you’ll never guess who took them and spray-painted them all for a new, fresh look!

Even their mailbox was given a new life!


I really love the idea of keeping the old and making it look new. These house numbers were probably put up by the homeowner’s mother back in the late sixties. They used to be a fiberglass color…if you can imagine what a fiberglass color looks like!

With a little spraying action using my favorite Rustoleum paint, these beauties are now covered in a gorgeous Satin Nickel finish for all the world to see.

Now we just have to figure out the best place to put them.


I brought the best worker to help in all of this. And by help, I mean that he did it all while I took pictures. Hey, someone has to do the hard part!


Once all four of us agreed to the perfect spot, Hubby tacked them into place with a tiny nail. It actually looked like rivets when they were all up, so double-bonus on that little surprise!


We even managed to keep the original-to-the-house doorbell, which was just enchanting carrying the Medallion Homes logo. With a fresh coat of Satin Nickel paint, it looks better than ever.


After the numbers were up and looking great for everyone to enjoy, it was time to move on to the classic doorbell.


Since the homeowner was so excited to keep this original fixture, Hubby carefully wired things back into place. Even with such gentleness, the metal tabs on the back still had corroded enough that they fell apart while being prepped to go back on the wall.

I wish that everything was going to be finished and perfect for them today, but this little guy broke and doesn’t want to play along.


So we moved on to the new light. Yes, it perfectly matches all of the other fixtures. Because the homeowner and I went shopping for a fixture that we loved, and then I spray-painted it along with everything else to match!

It was a weird feeling painting something brand-new, but we all love the results. And it looks incredible at night when it’s all lit up!


After we got it all wired and then screwed into place, Hubby tightened the light bulb so that we could give it a test run.

We were all getting pretty excited by this point.


And holy smokes, it looks amazing! I really love it. But, more importantly, the homeowners really love it! Mission accomplished!


Hubby tried to take another look at the doorbell to see if he could weld it back into place. No such luck today, but the homeowners agreed to check out Home Depot to find a replacement part soon. I just hope that they can find the button so they can keep their original doorbell.

Update: they did! A small button was replaced, and the doorbell now works like a charm while still looking circa 1968!


For today, we just pulled the wires through. This way, visitors can hot-wire the doorbell to get a response from inside. It’s actually kind of cool, but I could see how exposed wires would get old eventually.


I am just loving how all of this looks. You know that I wanted to do this the very afternoon that we finished painting but anxiously patiently waited until the paint was ready for some fixtures again.

Like most things, it was worth the wait.


And this is the view from the driveway for people approaching the house. I still have the door left to paint, but it needs to warm up just a little to allow me to start early enough to do three coats in one day (sand and prep, then prime, then two coats of paint).

I am really looking forward to the dramatic transformation that a “new” door will make to this now-beautiful home! This has been such a great project.

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  1. Wow everything looks great!! You all did such a wonderful job and I know the homeowners are so blessed by all of your hard work!


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