Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quick Flight for Not-So-Quick Maintenance


Just before the holidays, and when we were sure that the airplane wasn’t needed for any more day trips before the holidays, we flew Gladys to another airport in town to have her annual maintenance inspection.

Of course, she was buried behind five other airplanes in our hangar when I arrived. But it’s always fun to watch airplanes being stacked (and unstacked) in a hangar. I would not want that job!


This beautiful Citation X was parked in our hangar this week. It is a loaner for one of the owners who bases his airplane here while his is off getting fixed in maintenance, too.

Since our folks will be out of town for most of the time during maintenance, we didn’t need to worry about borrowing another airplane to keep them aloft while Gladys was getting a little work done.


As you can see, they get these airplanes in here nice and tight in order to fit everyone. Now you know why I wouldn’t want that job!


After pulling out two airplanes to get to Gladys, we still couldn’t quite get past this beast. So they pulled her out, too, so we could get by.


This Hawker was already outside and prepping for a flight. What a pretty boy!


Gladys has such a nice-looking cockpit. It’s so clean and helpful. Remember…this airplane is designed to fly with just one pilot, so everything is easily within reach.

I, personally, am glad that we fly with two pilots. For my own selfish reasons.


I hand-flew from our home airport to Mesa-Gateway Airport  today, which is why I don’t have any pictures of the flight. I’m no octopus! It felt great to do some takeoffs and landings and simulated emergencies as part of my currency here on the field today before bringing her in.

I really love flying. Can you tell?

Here we are parked on the ramp at Embraer. They will have Gladys for almost a month doing some service bulletins and updating some software, as well as doing a general annual inspection to make sure that everything is up and running.


We really love the guys at the Embraer facility. I’m so glad that we have maintenance just a seven-minute flight away! They take great care of us, and I always feel that we are in good hands.

Which is nice, considering my life literally is in their hands!


Does it look like she’s smiling? Maybe she thinks that “getting some work done” means a tummy tuck and Botox. This girl doesn’t need any of that!


The maintenance hangar was busy inside, but the best part was seeing two other Phenom 300s being worked on! I’ve never seen another 300 near Gladys, so it was beyond cool to see three of them so close together.


Eek! Another Phenom 300! They are prettier when not torn apart for maintenance, though, I must admit.


And this is Gladys’ little brother, the Phenom 100. This one is flown by the flight demonstration team from Brazil, which is in town for a few things to get fixed.

This is the airplane that potential customers are wowed in before they sign up to buy.


And this pretty guy is here getting worked on as well. Now you know where all of your banking fees are going, huh?

This will be about the size of our upgrade in a few years, and I can hardly wait! Won’t it be fun to easily go to Europe and Hawaii? Yes, please!!

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