Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quilting in Numbers


While I was in Utah for work, we decided to tie a few quilts for my sister and her new baby. Of course, in order for this to be a completely enjoyable process, we invited my cousin, Dolly, over for the day. And she brought her two adorable kids.

Dolly is such a hoot. We really love when she shows up. It’s really nice that she and her husband bought a house just a block from my Mom’s!


As you can plainly see, Dolly is really shy around cameras. And this certainly isn’t the pose that I got from her when I said, “Smile!”


She is very witty and sarcastic and funny. We are glad this girl is here! Double-bonus is that she also happens to know how to tie a quilt!


Do you want to know one of the best parts of the entire weekend? My sister, Charloe, showed up with her three kids in tow. They spent a few days with us and made the entire weekend that much better!

She brought the quilting fabric, so I’m glad that she decided to show up!


Yes, we cheat by using a quilting knot guide. We tried it once years ago without a guide. Let’s just say that it didn’t win any prizes at the fair!

Dolly, you crack me up!


My little brother, Parker, who isn’t so little any more, helped by stringing us some needles. It was really helpful to just demand a new needle with thread, and it would magically appear in my hand.

The other ladies called for new needles more often than me. I guess I am more quality-than-quantity when it comes to homemade handicrafts?

Or I’m just not so good at quilting.


Isn’t this lady pretty? It was so fun to have you here for a few days, Charloe. Thanks for making the hour-long trip from your house to join us for so much fun. You made everything better!

And not just because you were also the runner to get our Reed’s Drive-In dinner!


Anyway, back to the quilts. We ended up tying two quilts today for Baby James. He was born in December in Frisco, Texas, so we’ve all grown accustomed to calling him The Frisco Kid.

Luckily for him, we made a cowboy quilt today to honor his heritage.

IMG_7472 Cropped without Mama

Isn’t it cute? It has bucking broncos on one side, and cowboy hats and boots on the other.

Don’t worry, this is completely appropriate. In fact, did you know that I wore cowboy boots to school until the sixth grade? We grew up around horses, so this cute quilt is right up our alley.


Speaking of cute, this is Cambree…Dolly’s baby girl. She was enjoying some blueberries while we quilted in the living room.


This is Brynn, my sister’s daughter, and Connor, Dolly’s oldest son. They played so well together! In fact, when Connor didn’t come right away because he was taking a nap, Brynn started to cry. She was really excited to spend some time with Connor today.

Who could possibly look at a camera when there are so many interesting toys to admire instead?


Brynn is such a sweet little gal. She is lots of fun to be around and so affectionate. She just started tumbling and preschool and turned five years old a few weeks ago!


And this is Connor. Can it get any cuter than this little boy? Even better, he is just as nice as he is cute. What a fun kid!

Dolly and Travis done did it real good by having these two babies.


Here are some more pictures of beautiful Cambree. She has such a fun personality and is just gorgeous.


Dolly was trying to get her to smile, and this was the closest we got.


But look at her hair! Isn’t that incredible?

For the sake of my future daughter, I hope that Dolly moves next door to me so that she can do hair. I am, um, not so skilled in that arena. I mean, you’ve seen my hair, right?!


We were very careful to check that all of the pins were properly removed. We learned the hard way eight years ago when we made our first quilts for Charloe’s oldest kid, Corban. She wrapped him up tight in his quilt and then had to soothe his cries. I guess one lone pin had been left inside and poked him every time he moved.

Poor little guy! It’s amazing that he turned out so well!


This is quilt numero dos. A bright, fun yellow on one side, and lots of cars, trucks, and airplanes on the other.

I approve.


Action shot!


I thought that this quilt was so sweet. And did I mention…airplanes?!

You know that is all my kids will have, right?


Cambree, Dolly, and baby Nora (Charloe’s youngest) posed for a few pictures. Aren’t all three of these girls so pretty?


And one of them is tired, too. Guess who?!

Quilting was a success. My Mama bound up the edges and sent them to Texas this week. We hope that Baby James gets to enjoy them for years to come. In just a few hours, we knocked out two quilts and had lots of laughs!

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty darn nice, I must say.

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  1. This is probably the BEST POST you have ever done! I love every single picture of me...I mean of everyone. HAHA!! It was so good to see you. You just let me know when you are going to have a baby girl and we will plan on our move down to Arizona! I would love to live right next to you.


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