Friday, February 1, 2013

People That I Love – Hometown Edition


My weekend in Nephi has been wonderful so far. We’ve canned some chicken and quilted up a storm. Now it’s time for a people post.

Even more important, it just so happens to be people that I dearly love.


This cutie pie is Brynn. She is so much fun and so smart. That trait must run in the family.


And she gives this look a lot, which always cracks me up. Look at that long, beautiful hair!


My younger niece, Nora, never quite warmed up to me all weekend. I warmed up to her plenty, especially with blueberry remnants on her cute little chin.


But this perplexed look was about all I got from her. Maybe a camera is scary?


Luckily, she is so cute that even her perturbed looks don’t make her any less loveable.


And her beautiful blue eyes. Charloe’s other two kids have big, brown eyes. But Nora is our blue-eyed girl.


It was a full house for a few days. Lots of playing, eating, reading, and laughing. I really like this group of people, by the way.


Sorry about the lighting on this one. This handsome young man is my sixteen year-old brother, Parker. He just got his drivers license and his first job. Parker is an aspiring writer and loves being creative. Parker is really caring and supportive.


This is my youngest brother, Kip, who is fourteen. He is the athlete and baseball All-Star who just so happens to be good at school. He’s cute and funny, too.

Yes, sometimes you really can have it all.


This is my oldest nephew, Corban, who just turned eight. This is the kid who had the solar system memorized at the age of three and can tell you anything and everything about all forty-four presidents. He is a smarty-pants for sure.

Now, if we could just get him to eat some vegetables…


My wonderful step-dad got lots of loving time with Brynn since she loves books. Every time we turned around, she was asking someone to read some Berenstein Bears to her. I was happy to oblige a time or two, since I love those books, too!


Even Nora joined in on some of this fun throughout the evening.

Until dinner arrived, that is. And then we all got a little distracted.


We phoned our order in to Reed’s Drive-In, and then Charloe drove down to pick it all up. A nice, greasy, home-cooked meal from our favorite local drive-in? Yes, please!


I haven't had these “English Chips” in years, but they were just as good tonight as I remembered them from my teenage years. And that, my friends, is fry sauce to accompany such healthy treats tonight.


I decided to try a steak sandwich, which I also remember fondly from my youth. I think that I would stick with a cheeseburger next time, but this was pretty good. And the fries were something to write home about.

So I did.


Rosie was such a nice girl. She wanted to eat dinner with us but let us enjoy it still when she wasn’t invited.


Soon it was back to the living room to play and read some more!


Sitting on Grandpa’s lap while reading a good book…what more could a girl possibly want?


I feel very blessed to have such wonderful sisters, and we all get along. This is my favorite Utah-residing sister, Charloe. Isn’t she pretty? She came up just to spend a few days because I was there. That made me feel special!


Don’t they clean up well? This was us ready to go to church on Sunday morning, which happened to be Stake Conference. Parker got a suit recently…doesn’t he look nice? I got to sit by these good-lookins for the entire meeting!

My Mama is so pretty. She is one of my favorite people in the world.


When we came home from church, Mama had a yummy pork roast and potatoes ready to eat from a low-temperature oven. Talk about amazing smells when we walked through the door!


And the meat was so juicy while the potatoes were perfectly cooked. I love me some meat and potatoes! It was such a yummy meal!

It’s been an incredible weekend in my hometown. Tomorrow morning, once the fog burns off a little, it will be time to drive north to Salt Lake City once again for a cold flight home.

What are some of your favorite times spent with family?

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  1. wow, sis, you got some really good pics of everybody! I especially like the close ups of the kids. The most beautiful kids in the world!


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