Monday, May 13, 2013

Bremerton…A Nice Finish to a Long Day


Soon we were off again.

Wait, did I start too soon? I’ve already flown from Teterboro near New York City this morning. We landed in Denver for a quick fuel stop before continuing on our journey home. With not enough time to run home to see Hubby, I just stayed at the airport for our next flight an hour later.

We were headed to Bremerton for a long weekend, and I couldn’t wait to spend a few days in Seattle!

Wow, New York and Seattle in the same week. Can it possibly get any better than that?! They are definitely my favorite two cities to explore!

So…now we’re off again.


We waited for this Citation to land on our runway before we were cleared for takeoff.


What a gorgeous view just after we were airborne!


Ah, Spring in the Valley of the Sun. Things are green and nice this time of year. I’m pretty sure that it was seventy-four degrees when we took off.



Do you want to know what isn’t perfection? Nightmares about work…

I just woke up from a terrible dream this morning. I was back in my old job and had just found out that we were headed to Belgium. The real kicker was that I had been attending a day conference out of town and had no luggage with me. And all of a sudden I had to go to Belgium for three weeks. Instead of being thrilled to finally go to Europe, I was worrying about how expensive it would be to buy a toothbrush while there!

No warning. No clothes. No communication. I think this pretty much sums up how I always worried about that old job!

I don’t miss it one bit, in case you’re wondering!


Anyway, back to the wonderful flight…

This was a late Thursday afternoon of the Easter weekend when we were trucking north towards the Seattle area. The skies were packed with airplanes, and we saw lots go over and under us on their flights.


My window was facing away from the setting sun, so a little frost started to develop on the inside to my right.


We were waaaaaaaay above the clouds down there, and thankfully, they were not convective.

I’ve been up since 3:00 AM local time, so I don’t really think that any more challenges during this flight would work out for me!

It’s going to be great to land in Bremerton in a few hours!


Another blessing? Almost no headwind at all. Usually, flying northwest like we were, we have a nice little headwind around eighty knots keeping us from zooming along even faster.

Tonight? It was from 005 degrees at three knots. Can you believe it?! What a blessing!


Another airplane flying over a pretty mountain as we got closer to Bremerton tonight.

Airplanes in a picture just make everything better. Don’t you agree?


Well, OK…this picture is pretty, too. But it would be way better with an airplane in the shot.

I’m just sayin’…


We descended just over Tacoma and came up to Bremerton almost from the south. Seattle Center does this to keep us away from their busy airspace. We are just across the Puget Sound from them!


It was a pretty gorgeous flight…especially admiring the sunset for almost our entire evening!


That’s Tacoma directly underneath us, and Seattle is in the distance by that pretty cloud.

Are you as excited as me to have two whole days off to explore Seattle?!

Man, I love my job.


There were clouds all over as we began our final descent into Bremerton tonight. They were painted purple, orange, and pink with the setting sun working its magic.


This is a terrible shot of the Bremerton airport as we flew on a forty-five degree angle to enter the traffic pattern.

There were a few other airplanes in the pattern tonight, so we had to play dodge ball to make sure that we could fit in for our landing.


As we turned for our base leg of the approach, I could see the town of Bremerton just north of us. Those beautiful lights were welcoming me home!

I love this place. I’ve probably already told you that a thousand times.

But it’s still true.


We landed and taxied to the ramp. We always get spoiled rotten at Avian Flight Center, and this evening was no different!


We got our passengers and their luggage loaded up into the car and on their way. Then I got to enjoy the gorgeous evening at the airport while prepping Gladys for three nights on the ramp in Bremerton.


Is she smiling?!

Yes, she is.

We all love coming here.


Goodbye, pretty girl! I’ll see you in a few days! On Easter Sunday, to be exact!


Once in the parking lot to borrow the crew car, I took a parting shot of the FBO hangar.

These trees always remind me of something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Don’t you think so?

They are all over in this part of the world.


A surreal shot of forest blur as we made our seven-mile journey from the airport to town.

I can’t wait to get to that hotel room. It’s been a very long and fun day, but I’m definitely ready for some rest!


We eventually made the final corner before coming into view of the Bremerton Harbor.

Ah, Bremerton. You have no idea how much I love you!


I stayed at the lovely Fairfield Inn by Marriott. I had a goal to get a certain amount of nights at Marriott so I could use some points to get free rooms while at Disneyland.

It worked! We got four out of five nights paid for by Marriott points. So stinkin’ awesome!

Thank goodness that I’ve stayed in a hotel room almost constantly for the past three months, huh?


I was grateful for the microwave, too. I still had some healthy food in my bag, in case it was needed.


And this was the beautiful view that greeted me from my hotel window. Through these two apartment buildings, you can see the Puget Sound.

I am so happy to be here for this entire weekend! But, more importantly at the moment, I am so happy to fall asleep!

Prepare for lots of Seattle. I couldn’t help myself!

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