Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let’s Ferry Over to Seattle!


Good morning, Bremerton!

I arrived last night and now have a whole day to spend in Seattle. One of my favorite cities is just a short, hour-long ferry ride away!

Today is going to be good.


So let’s walk to the ferry terminal! It’s only a few blocks away from the Fairfield Inn in which I’m staying.

I really, really, really love this town. I feel like Bremerton has become a second home for me. I always love coming here.


This is the courtyard between the Hampton Inn, where I’ve also stayed several times, and the Kitsap Conference Center. The fountain is really pretty and always attracts a crowd.

In fact, this area was where Hubby and I entered the Blackberry Festival last Labor Day. Do you remember? What a fun weekend!


I cut through the pass-through between the Cold Stone Creamery and Subway to get to the terminal today. Walking clear around the Starbucks Coffee is just too much to ask!


Hello, Ferry Terminal!

I’m so happy to see you. It’s been months and months!

Two, to be exact.


There was already a line waiting to enter the ferry when I arrived. The ferry coming from Seattle was just entering the harbor, and then those passengers disembarked. Then it was our turn to get on for the trip back east across the Puget Sound!


While boarding, I stepped to the side to take a fun picture of the Bremerton Shipyard.

(I’m that lady!)

They still work on submarines and renovations to battleships and carriers here. It’s a neat place.


Holy smokes. This is so cool!

This is my favorite picture of the day. Can you see the reflections in the windows of the captain’s deck? They are so clean and crisp and clear! I love that Bremerton can be seen through this reflection.


People aren’t the only passengers going to Seattle today. Lots of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles come onto the ferry as well.


I walked to the front of the ferry and picked a spot inside that would afford a nice view of the city while protecting me from the chilly wind. It isn’t too cold when stationary, but the ferry moves pretty fast!

Wind = wimpy me.


Goodbye, beautiful Bremerton! I’ll see you tonight.

Seattle is calling my name. I can’t help myself.


This is the bridge that connects Bremerton to Manette, where we attend church when in town.

It almost feels like a second home to me there, too! They are so friendly and welcoming!


Manette is a cute little town, too. I just like this whole part of the world, if you must know. You can’t be too picky.

And, as you can see from the blue skies and puffy white clouds, we are in for a gorgeous day in Seattle today! The temperature is supposed to get all the way up to sixty-eight degrees!


My first glance of Seattle made me so happy.

Man, I love this town.


So we got closer.


And I narrowed my camera lens onto the Space Needle. I will be there later!


And beautiful Downtown Seattle. I will be there later, too.

I’m a walking foo on trips like these!


The wind won the chicken fight, so I went back inside to wait until we docked at the Seattle Ferry Terminal.

I didn’t bring a jacket, since I didn’t want to pack it most of the day. If I can just get to where the ferry isn’t moving to make wind, the temperature will be great!


This cracked me up. This kid was crazy-hopped up on sugar or Wheaties or something. He kept running circles around his dad, and then he would randomly jump down for twenty push-ups.

It was all quite admirable…and funny.


You can see some stadiums behind the shipping harbor’s cranes. Seattle is an important trading port, for sure. And they have a few sports teams, too.


There are ferries galore in and out of this place all day long! It’s free for me to ride to Seattle and just $7.25 to ride back to Bremerton.

Pretty cheap transportation for a day of fun in this wonderful city!


The ferry terminal can house two ferries as a time. The arrivals and departures are timed to allow for the spots to be filled constantly.


Ah, there’s the ferris wheel!

It is new. I don’t remember it being there last year!


Once we were docked, the gate descended and locked into place. Then we disembarked into the Seattle Ferry Terminal.


You can stay on the catwalk around the terminal if you don’t want to go inside. That’s what I did to take some fun pictures of the city while looking back at the ferry that was just my ride.


We were right next to the shipping yard! Aren’t those cranes massive?!

You can see the cars lined up on the tarmac to board the ferry back to Bremerton. At $25, it’s not cheap. I hope people don’t do it every day for work!


I can see the clock tower near the train station to the far right! King’s Station! Do you remember when I caught a train to Vancouver there last spring?

So many memories in this town already!


You can descend some steps and get on the harbor level with all of the shops. But I usually cross this skywalk to the city. Who wants to climb more hills than necessary!

And I got plenty of climbing later, that’s for dang sure!


While on the skywalk to the city, I took a picture of the road and harbor shops below. We’ll explore that more later on!

Can you see the ferris wheel peeking through?

How about the harder-to-see but newly-painted Space Needle?

I’m coming, Needle! I’m coming to see you!


Ah, level, paved sidewalk is always nice in this town. We’ll get plenty of elevation changes later.

I knew exactly where to head first-thing today.



This is my second-favorite shot of the day. I love how the lights have been strung between these two city buildings. I love lights like these!


My first glance of downtown from 1st Avenue. I only have a few blocks to walk to my favorite Seattle eatery!

Delicatus! I’m coming, Delicatus!


I found this advertisement interesting. The cop and his horse don’t have faces.

Good thing the graffiti was artfully added later.

It’s our parting shot for now! Tomorrow, we’ll have the most incredible sandwich in Seattle!

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