Monday, September 15, 2008

Date Night

Since our time together is so short on the weekends, my man always tries to make the time special. This past weekend was no different, since he reserved us tickets at Theater 168 to watch the clean improv group, Jesterz. Before heading there, he surprised me by taking me to Cafe Rio (one of my favorite places but not one of his). As we were walking up to the entrance of the restaurant, I commented about how I always feel surrounded by LDS people in Cafe Rio. As we walked through the door, I saw my good friend Cassie Herbst and her husband, Joseph! What a treat! Last August, Cassie went to Cancun with me and my sister, T'liese. We are all now either engaged or married! We were able to eat with Cassie and Joseph and have a blast recalling all the good ol' days. They were headed to watch a show at Hale Center Theater, one of our date locations as well. After we finished eating, we picked up friends of John from basketball, an awesome couple. Adam and Leticia have two small boys at home, but they were left with the babysitter for the evening. We drove up to Scottsdale to the theater ( in the Papago Plaza Mall. The place was packed, and we enjoyed 90 minutes of wonderful comedy from five clean improv professionals. It was hilarious! After the show, we drove to a place in downtown Scottsdale called The Sugar Bowl, per Adam's recommendation. It was yummy and the conversation was great! We dropped them off at their house and were home by 11:00. What a fun night!

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