Tuesday, September 30, 2008

25 Days to Wedding Time!

I am just so excited to be John Weir's wife! We are talking just over three weeks, and I can hardly wait! He is such an incredible man. I am only able to spend a few days a week with him when I am home for the weekend, but I am able to feel closer to him after each and every time we are together. I just get all mushy when I think about it. He treats me so well. It seems his every concern is about me, and he is always striving to make me happy. I just get all weak in the knees thinking about becoming his wife. I want to be good to him and grow with him. In case it wasn't obvious, I really like him! I know we are going to be very happy together because we look out for each other. He is one lucky man, and I feel I am just as lucky!

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