Friday, December 12, 2008

Entertainment Center Surprise!

John hates when I blog about him because he thinks it makes him look not as tough when people find out how incredibly romantic he is! We found an entertainment center (tv stand and two audio towers) that we loved at Target. A wonderful friend of ours (you know who you are) gave it to us for an early Christmas present! When I got home from work last week, John surprised me once again! He had spent seven hours assembling the stand and one of the towers (Japanese instructions aren't as easy to decipher as everyone thinks). Our Christmas tree is using the space where the other tower will go in a month. He then decorated it with a big bow and ribbon, in case I didn't know who it was for! He is always so thoughtful. And thank goodness for great friends! It was fun to walk through the door and find that waiting.

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  1. Are you in with the mob or something? Looks great but you might want to check if it was purchased with dirty money. You could have a movie night with some friends or family, or both in this case to make it less dirty.


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