Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mother Nature - Backyard Version

I woke up this morning feeling rather crafty...in a good way. I was just overwhelmed with a desire to create something with my hands. Charloe, my sister, sent me a link to a blog last night (www.bakerella.com), which gave me oodles of ideas for baking. Since I am trying to eat healthy and work out daily, I didn't think making a bunch of cake balls dipped in chocolate would be the best thing to live out my craftiness. Seeing how beautiful her photography is on her blog gave me reminded me about how much I love taking pictures.

So I grabbed my camera and tripod and went outside.

And this is what I found. I played with some coloring to make some of them really pop. I kinda like them. I still want to do something more to get this crafty feeling out of my system today, but this will have to suffice for now! Besides, it was free. And we are watching our money closely because last Friday, John got accepted to the Masters of Science in Information Management at ASU! It is an executive program and lasts one year, including night classes and most Saturdays. It will be a tough year, but I am excited to think about how many doors it will open for us down the road! He starts in June and finishes next May. My little braniac. So proud of him!


  1. Rats! I was hoping for some cake pops! The photography is beautiful. Love you.

  2. you are a talented photographer! That is exciting John got accepted!!! congratulations :)


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