Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tidbits of Information

1. First thing you wash in the shower? My face with Clean n’ Clear Morning Burst.
2. What color is your favorite hoodie? I only have one hoodie, and it is green with embroidered flowers and birds. Sounds kinda Grandma-ish, but it is really pretty!
3. Do you plan outfits? For church, yes. Every other day, just throw on some shorts and a shirt that won’t clash.
4. How are you feeling RIGHT now? Finally feeling better after recovering from food poisoning for a few days. It really is the best diet, huh?
5. Did you meet anybody new today? I would have if I spoke Spanish…went to the Anna’s Linens grand opening in Mesa, but I was the only one speaking English!
6. What are you craving right now? Crest and my toothbrush!
7. What comes to mind when I say cabbage? German food…yuck!
8. Are you emotional? Every once in a while, but usually in a really positive way.
9. Have you ever counted to 1,000? No, and it isn’t in the agenda any time soon.
10. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? It hurts my teeth to bite it, so I lick it and enjoy it even more. Ok, I guess you could say I am craving ice cream now! Dang!
11. Do you like your hair? Yes. I like it long. Feel like a hippie, in a good way.
12. Do you like yourself? You bet, but more so when I am taking good care of myself.
13. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush? Sure!
14. Are your parents strict? No, they were just good at trusting us. We weren’t allowed to jump on the neighbor’s trampoline or ride on any four-wheelers, but now they OWN a trampoline in the backyard! Oh well. No broken necks for me!
15. Would you go sky diving? No. Why would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane?
16. Do you like cottage cheese? Yes, mostly in Mom’s Lasagna. But I can eat it during eating healthier times as well, if I pretend it IS ice cream.
17. Have you ever met a celebrity? Hmmm, Harrison Ford from a distance at Oshkosh Airshow. So I guess, no.
18. Do you rent movies often? No, John has Netflix. We will be getting rid of it in a few weeks when he goes back to school, so we are in movie marathon mode right now! Watching the “John Adams” documentary and loving it!
19. How many countries have you visited? Three…home sweet home USA, Mexico several times, and Canada about every month for work. Even in the winter!
20. Have you made a prank phone call? No, I am waaaaaay too mature for that!
21. Can you use chop sticks? It depends on who is judging. I think yes. Everyone else thinks no. But guess who’s opinion really matters?
22. Who are you going to be with tonight? My wonderful husband on a temple date.
23. Are you too forgiving? I am too nice. Does that count?
24. Ever been in love? Yes. And he loves me right back!
25. Ever have cream puffs? Yuck! But I surprised John with them as one of the foods to dip in the gourmet chocolate fountain for our wedding Open House. He loves those things.
26. Last time you cried? A few nights ago when I was sick and pathetic and puny.
27. Favorite time of the year? Spring…softball season!
28. Do you have any tattoos? No, and I never will.
29. Are you sarcastic? Sometimes. I cater it to who I am with, depending on whether they can pick up on it or not.
30. What was the last CD you bought? I don’t buy CDs, but my parents got me the Disneyland Soundtrack for letting them borrow my GPS to get there! It has all the songs to the rides in the park and is great!
31. Could you ever forgive a cheater? Yes.
32. Do you like your life right now? Yes, very much. I have been married six months to a great man. We both have good jobs and a lovely place to live.
33. Do you have good vision? With my contacts in!
34. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people? Rarely!
35. How often do you talk on the phone? Every day, usually to family or someone for work.
36. What are you wearing? Pink plaid shorts, brown t-shirt, flip flops.
37. What is your favorite animal? I love cats but we will never have one. My parents have a sweet yellow lab, but we will never have a dog, either. I would love to have a horse in the future! We will probably not have any pets ever, which is fine by me. No hair that way!
38. Can you hula hoop? How many rotations? I can if two turns counts.
39. Do you have a job? Corporate Pilot for U-Haul International. I love my job.
40. What was the most recent thing you bought? I treated us to some pretty new placemats and napkins at crazy prices this afternoon. I love when my house looks good!
42. Have you ever crawled through a window? No. Am I missing out on something?

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