Saturday, May 9, 2009

8 Cities, 5 States, 1 Day

It was a busy work week for sure! I got to see some cities I hadn't visited before, and we even had a killer day that started at 8:00 AM Eastern and ended after 1:30 AM the next morning! I get my money's worth every once in a while!

We left Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix on Monday after their workday was complete at the office and flew to Milwaukee. Luckily, we could make it non-stop even with four passengers. Early the next morning, we flew to Boston and ended that evening in Teterboro. KTEB is the business airport that all the private airplanes fly into for New York City. Although we ended up having most of the day off, we weren't sure when we were leaving. So we camped out at the airport all day, just in case Joe called to leave. Sometimes he gives us an hour notice, but mostly it is about ten minutes. Keeps me on my toes. Wednesday evening we flew to Pittsburgh, my first time there!

Killer Day began early. We flew from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland to Richmond, Virginia to Blacksburg, Virginia to Danville, Virginia back to Richmond, Virginia to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina to Opa Locka, Florida. It was actually a very fun day, but it was long. I was so tired when I finally crawled into bed at 2:00 AM! Good job security!

We ate Cuban food for lunch before heading to the airport on Friday afternoon. Opa Locka is in south Miami and was new to me. We usually fly into Ft. Lauderdale on the north side of Miami. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to explore because, again, we didn't know what time we were leaving and had to be ready. We lucked out and left at 3:00 PM for home! After a stop in Waco, Texas for fuel, we landed at 6:00 PM in Phoenix.

It was a fun week at work, but for some reason particularly tough to be away from John. I missed him constantly, and no doubt that made the week seem longer than it usually is. It was nice to finally get a hug from him. I have this next week at home for vacation since my little brother, Jeff, is graduating from ASU. Most of the family will be in town, and I don't want to miss out on that!

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  1. that certainly is a crazy day. Sounds exhausting. but I get up to a baby and play on the floor and clean up food and toys and play some more. I guess I do know when I can take a rest though... She's alseep. She is the best kind of boss! See ya tonight!


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