Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brother's College Graduation

My brother graduated from ASU this week with a Bachelor's in Finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business. We are quite proud of him! My parents came in from Nephi and my sister and her son flew in from Salt Lake City. We met at T'liese's house on Wednesday night after everyone was finally here. She made us a delicious dinner of Chicken Tikki Misala, my favorite Indian food. Homemade naan bread? Yes, please! I hadn't seen some of these people since my wedding over six months ago, so it was nice to catch up. We opened Mother's Day presents for my mom (we all chipped in for some shopping money for her to get some new outfits while in town), and Father's Day presents (we bought Merrill a handheld GPS so he doesn't get lost in Nephi ever again!).

Thursday morning, we met at Tempe Marketplace to shop with my mom. She had lots of critics and supporters, and we were able to find her three beautiful new shirts and a pair of jeans. Now she is probably the hottest mom in the state! Graduation started at 1:30 PM, but we were there early so Jeff could line up with the other graduates. Thanks to his wife's family, we got VIP parking twenty feet from the stadium and pretty good seats for the event! It was too far for quality pictures when he crossed the stage. After graduation, people headed home to change clothes, then went to Megan's parent's house for homemade Mexican food provided by Jeff and Megan. John and I swung by to pick up Don on our way to the mansion. The kids swam while the adults ate and talked...mostly ate.

Friday, we met at Jeff's house so the kids could swim. I dropped Charloe and Corban off at the airport Friday afternoon, regretfully. We didn't want to see them go! After a day in the sun, we headed to southern Phoenix to a restaurant called Pan Asia for some sushi. I had a yummy shrimp tempura roll that I am craving again already! John had a Chinese chicken dish. It was my parent's first time trying sushi, and I would call it a success. There certainly is little opportunity for quality sushi in Nephi! Then most of us went to T'liese and Joe's house to chat for the rest of the evening. We've been looking forward to this visit for so long, and it's always tough to finally see it come to an end. My parents and brothers, Parker and Kip, hit the road back to Utah on Saturday morning.

It was a fun week with everyone in town! Congrats to Jeffy for finally getting through!

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