Monday, November 9, 2009

Tear-Inducing Photos

Who knew an ankle could get so ugly? John came home from basketball over a week ago, writhing in severe pain from rolling his ankle during a church ball game. A doctor was playing with them and had wrapped it in ice before sending him home. We decided to go to the Urgent Care to make sure it wasn't broken. The swelling has caused quite a bit of pain for my kid, but it's hard to get him to take anything for it.

The first few pictures are from the day he got the sprain. The really scary ones are from over a week later, taken Sunday evening. Yikes!


  1. I remember getting a sprain like this. I was shocked that it could actually bruise up through the calf. Hope it feels at least somewhat better than it looks. If not, he can milk it for a while... ;-)

  2. OUCH!! Poor John! Tell him not to be scared of the pain pills--TAKE THEM!

  3. Thats so gross. Does it look better now?


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