Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Days Full of Joy and Laughter

I am always so worried that people are going to think that all I accomplish in my spare time is shopping and bowling. (Nervous laugh).

So, um, I went shopping and bowling today. One was planned ($1 games every Tuesday...my husband and I are now bowling alley regulars), and the other was a pleasant surprise. My sister called and said she was close to Fiesta Mall, which has a Dillard's Outlet. She asked if I wanted to meet up, since she wants to look fancy next week on her trip north to visit friends and family. I would never, ever turn down a chance to see Evan, and seeing T'liese is kind of a lot of fun, too! So we met at Dillard's and found our way to the Misses shirts. T'liese tried on about eight and got three cute ones! On our way to the shoes (my request...), we passed through the home department. It was here that I was struck with a self-realization. I don't even shop for clothes any more! It is more of a nuisance than anything. In stark contrast, I cannot get enough of shopping for things for a home. And I even scored today by finding some beautiful napkins in my favorite shade of blue. They will match perfectly some other napkins at home. I usually don't buy anything when out "shopping" with my sister. She thinks I am a bad influence on her because she buys things, and I go home empty-handed and very content. I couldn't resist perfect napkins today...marked down from $6.00 to $1.80. Then we found the shoe department. It's nearly impossible to find shoes in the right size because of the haphazard area, but at least we weren't harassed constantly by an attendant asking if we needed help. We were able to graze at our leisure, and T'liese found a beautiful pair of flats to replace her much-beloved beautiful pair of flats. And I bought my napkins. So I would say it was a successful day of shopping with my sister.

Evan was so tired but wouldn't fall asleep. So I held him and rocked him and talked to him. He talks the most when he is really tired, and he had lots to say today! What a sweet boy. There is nothing more wonderful than those big blue eyes looking up and that tiny voice telling a story. I like him. I like him a lot. When my arms could no longer take the weight, I put him back in the stroller. But only until I couldn't stand not holding him any more! He gets mauled by bears every time he is around Aunt Micah. But the way he talks, I am starting to think he likes it!

And so we went bowling. I met my husband at our bowling alley. I think we can say we have a bowling alley, simply because we have been faithful patrons the past three Tuesdays. It's a blast. Last week, we even had a co-worker of John's join us for some games. It was back to just the two of us today. I am a consistently inconsistent bowler, which can be frustrating. I just have fun with it and try to figure out how to be more consistent (failing miserably, but at least I have cool shoes). I had a good game today, as proved in the score card! I enter my name as "Sally," which is my nickname from one of my best friends from senior year. She was a foreign exchange student from Thailand and thought my name was weird (wasn't the first or last time I would hear that), so she started calling me Sally. It stuck. So Sally and John bowled three games and had a lovely time. We get compliments on our awesome shoes every time we show up at our alley. We have a bowling alley, after all.

So, just for the record...I do more than shop and bowl. I just don't have the photos to prove it.

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  1. Baby Evan looks so tired! I can't wait to see him next week. Looks like you and T'liese had a successful day of shopping! Are you sure you don't want to come up next week too?


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