Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flying for Maintenance

It was time to get some things fixed on our airplane, so we flew from Sky Harbor to Willy Gateway this past Friday. Hawker Beechcraft has a beautiful new facility there for maintenance, and it's much nicer than flying all the way to San Antonio (I stayed there to babysit during maintenance...I have so many hotel points from San Antonio!). Since this facility opened last year, we have been able to cut down our maintenance commute quite a bit. I still observe maintenance any time the airplane is being touched (fine-print in my job description, apparently), but I get to sleep in my own bed with my own husband every night. My Baby will be down for about two weeks, so Terry left town for vacation.

Terry brought along his daughter for the flight, Laura, who had a baby just three and a half months ago. Since this was Joshua's first airplane ride, we took lots of pictures. He likes the airplane, but not the car ride to or from the airport. I never knew something so tiny could have such extensive lung power!

It felt good to fly, even if for only fifteen minutes. I sure love my airplane. I love flying!

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  1. Cool pictures! I still think you should drive up to my house on Saturday and then go to Mom's Sunday or Monday! I would love to see you and the trip really isn't too bad! PLEASE!


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