Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making It All Official

Two years ago (yesterday...oops), my husband got down on one knee under a fireworks-filled sky and proposed. Four months later, we were hitched and enjoying married life. I am flabbergasted to think that I have known him that long, and sometimes it feels like I've known him forever.

We were in Snowflake for the Pioneer Day weekend festivities. He found a romantic picnic bench at the school where we could watch the fireworks away from massive crowds. He's a sneaky one...I thought he might have proposed that weekend but had certainly given up on the day since it was 10:00 PM. He always prides himself on being able to surprise me, and his proposal was no different! I cried, of course, and said yes, of course.

Not that he reads my blog, but Happy Proposal Anniversary, John!

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  1. I'm still laughing about your dancing dragon cake.....that was awesome. Oh, but sorry about your house. Yeah. They never close on time. Sorry.

    Happy Proposal Anniversary!


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