Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh Blessed Day Of Sofas

I landed last night after a fun but grueling week on the road. I checked my voicemail and had a wonderful message from Hope of Cortate Furniture. My couches were ready to be picked up! It was tough sleeping last night as I imagined how they would look in person.

We were lucky enough to borrow an SUV from family (thanks, Andy and Barb!) and a trailer from a favorite neighbor (thanks, Tom and Hope!) to make our journey this morning! It doesn't need to be mentioned that we beat the owners to the store and stood outside waiting for the doors to be opened. I was antsy, after all! I have been dreaming of these couches for years and loving these exact couches several months now. It was time to finally meet them face-to-face.

My glee at first sight was embarrassing. The store manager even asked John if I'm like that all the time (he answered yes). I "supervised" the couches as they were loaded onto the trailer for the trip home! After carrying them unto our house, we returned the truck and trailer and then decided to eat some lunch from the fridge before assembling the couches. Talk about the longest hour of my life! We finally started ripping away plastic covers, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Hope already came over to see how they look. And my sister and her family also visited this evening. I think we should have a party to welcome these beautiful babies to the family, don't you think?

The room is far from done, but it certainly feels like more of a home now that we have the two main pieces of furniture in the first room seen when entering the house. It feels so great saving hard for something, then finally seeing it come to fruition.

John and I are trying to find a good home for our old couch, so please let me know if you are looking!


  1. They are beautiful! Congrats on your 2 new "babies"!

  2. Micah, they look SO GOOD!! They are perfect in your living room. I love them! xoxo

  3. Excellent choice! It looks great :)


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