Monday, February 28, 2011

My Rain Gutter Man

Saturday ended up being a very busy day for us. We spent the morning retrieving and assembling our beautiful new couches. I am in love with them. And then we spent the entire afternoon installing rain gutters on the back patio of our home. These puppies were necessary for several reasons. First, the rain comes pouring down off the roof and drills holes into the lawn where the concrete wasn't poured. It's been digging holes next to the patio ever since we moved in...and probably before that, too. Second, with rain gutters to protect the patio, we could actually sit out there to enjoy a storm. I love watching thunderstorms wreak their havoc, as long as I'm safe, warm, and dry. Having rain gutters in place will make the patio usable even during a nasty downpour!

We've been wanting to install gutters for quite some time but didn't know if we would need to hire someone who knew what he was doing. We are rookies when it comes to anything House, after all. Conveniently, we stumbled across the do-it-yourself rain gutters at Home Depot and went home to take some measurements! Saturday was the day to put everything up before another storm was set to hit that evening.

I married a hard-working man. John worked tirelessly to get everything in place. I love the end results. The rain barrel at the end of the line will help us keep the soon-to-be-built garden boxes watered all summer long...without my water bill going through the roof!

An additional barrel will be purchased this week (for $4, mind you). One small storm filled the barrel completely with fresh rain water, so we need to have another ready to take over during Monsoon Season. I'm so excited to have this project finished! We can now use the patio come rain or shine. And we did the entire project for around $80. Not too shabby!

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