Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looky What I Found

It only took three weeks of endless searching on Craigslist and constant brain obsession before I found the perfect dresser.  It has curves. The drawers move easily and even have stops to prevent them from being pulled out completely! The legs are intricate. Did I mention it's the perfect size? And the best was in my budget!

I'm tickled.

Ask me in a few days how tickled I still feel. I am headed out to sand and prime it today.

With any luck, I will get two coats of primer on by this afternoon. I am trying to take advantage of this PERFECT WEATHER before it starts baking again next week. Ain't nuthin' worse than waiting for paint to dry in 120-degree temperatures!

I don't think I realize just how big this project will be.

After picking it up near Val Vista and the 60, we brought the dresser into the house to let it all sink in. I definitely know it has to change color since it seems to overpower the entire room as a dark piece of wood. I'm still thinking yellow. Everyone cringes when I say that, but I've got to stick to my guns here.

It's the first "risk" I've felt like I've taken in our house. I've always known how everything would turn out as I've worked on projects. But this one? I really don't know if we will love it. I'm hoping so, since it will be an awful lot of work to re-do. I hope luck is in my favor, and that this dresser looks insane as a cheery, shiny yellow! I'm going out of my comfort zone here, and I must admit it feels a little odd.

Discomfort means growth, right? I know that's true at buffets.

Off to the sand! And not the beach-kind...


  1. This is me chanting "yellow, yellow, yellow!"

  2. I am so excited to see the after. Yellow is going to be perfect!! Lots of work ahead of you, but it will turn out great. Are you still coming up in a few weeks??

  3. So, since the yellow didn't work out, have you decided what color it will be now? Sorry you have to re-do all that hard work. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.


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