Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sinful City Visit

Everyone knows that I'm married to one smart guy. And not just book-smart...Hubby has readily displayed his Street Smarts on multiple occasions. Just this past week, for example, he suggested that I not broadcast to the world that we were going to be out of town for a week. Something about home invasion avoidance or theater-protection, I think. I followed his bidding and had a nice week off while leaving my laptop at home. I took tons of pictures to make up for the missing comfort that a keyboard can provide. And now...since I'm finally home and can ward off home intruders with my trusty ol' baseball bat, I am free at last to let you know that we were out of town last week!

We went to Vegas.

Technically, we went to Utah. But Hubby discovered that it was only thirty additional minutes of driving through Las Vegas instead of through Page, Arizona to get to my hometown in central Utah. He was being kind and thoughtful...knowing that I'm not much of a road-tripper and am constantly calculating how long a certain stretch of never-ending road takes to fly in my jet instead. So he recommended that we make an overnight pit stop in the City of Sin. I'm so glad he suggested it! Four and a half hours in the car is waaaaaaaay better than nine.

Hubby will deny it, but his main intention for stopping over in Las Vegas was to experience his most favoritist thing in the world...a buffet meal.

We arrived in town around 1:00 PM after an uneventful drive from Mesa. We found Ballys' well-hidden parking garage and parked for the night. After walking sixty-three miles through Paris and then through Ballys, we arrived at the front desk to check in for our room. I declare...being nice gets me everything nice. I sweet-talked the attendant into giving us an upgrade, and before we knew it, we were looking at our breath-taking view from a suite on the 19th floor! It was a gorgeous room. But we had plans to explore the Strip, so off we went!

Stop number one was the most important, since it provided Hubby the opportunity to live his dream at a Vegas buffet. He was in hog heaven and almost cried a time or two through the line. Since it was late afternoon, we didn't have to fight crowds to get him plate after plate of delicious food. He very much enjoyed the meal. Mine was good, too, but I always feel badly that I don't eat my money's worth. Quite possibly, Hubby made up for my poor performance.

After making a full round-trip on foot from Ballys to Wynn, then crossing the street and walking all the way back to Luxor, we made our way back to Harrah's for our evening show. I had worn shoes not well-suited for lots of walking, and it felt really nice to finally sit down. John had scored a coupon for a buy-one-get-one ticket to Defending the Caveman, which was completely entertaining and very informative about how men and women operate differently in relationships. I actually learned a lot, and laughed, too. It was perfect! And Hubby was excited to get a free t-shirt.

We had unknowingly timed our visit during the National Tattoo and Piercing Convention and certainly saw some interesting things as we walked back to the hotel. Though I wanted to see the Bellagio fountains at night, my feet dictated that it was time to quit for the day. We admired the incredible night-time view from our room before crashing.

I've been to Vegas several times for work and have occasionally had a chance to visit the Strip. I must admit it is way more fun to see the sites with someone holding my hand.

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  1. Hello jacuzzi tub! I must learn your sweet-talking skills. Heard Defending the Caveman is quite funny and enlightening. Glad you didn't come back with any new piercings of your own.


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