Friday, September 9, 2011

West Coast Gangs Signs, Yo

Considering I just got home from the busiest week I've ever had at this job, perhaps I should hurry to finish posting last weeks trip!

On Wednesday morning, I got up a little too early, for my taste, after a very late night. I was able to enjoy some gorgeous flowers at the FBO entrance, which made it all better! We left Fresno and headed for Modesto a little west of us. We had just enough time to run for some lunch at a quaint little Mexican restaurant. It was delicious, but food usually is when you're hungry! I love me some Mexican food. It's the one ethnic food that never gets old for me!

We next flew to Oakland, where we spent a few hours while Big Boss toured some properties. I love Oakland and actually saw the sun on this visit. I'm still in shock.

That evening, we continued north to Chehalis, Washington. We've been here before but usually during the daytime. On this particular occasion, since it was 10:00 at night, we found the crew car with the keys underneath the seat for the passengers to borrow for an hour. After I got them on their way for work, Terry and I started an engine back up to taxi to the self-serve gasoline pump with Jet A fuel! We've had to do this before...but I don't remember as many spiders in the building. I hate me some spiders! After entering the credit card information into the machine, we couldn't get the pump to zero out and begin fueling. After trying for twenty minutes with no success, I called the airport guy who made a special trip from home to help us out. He brought the fuel truck around just as our passengers arrived with dinner for us from Wendy's. And you thought we always ate gourmet! I watched My Baby get fueled while we all thought the fuel truck was going to die at any moment. It was loud and sounded sick! Finally, we had enough fuel and paid our way to leave. I'm so glad he was willing to come in to help since we didn't have enough fuel to make it to Seattle!

Our last stop for the night was Seattle. Oh, how I love Seattle. I prefer it more when I have time to stay to enjoy it. We landed shortly before midnight and drove to the La Ghetto Quinta near the SEATAC airport. A bed felt really good.

The next morning, without knowing where we were headed next, we were ready at the airplane by 9:00 AM. When Big Boss arrived, he pulled out an atlas and tried to decide where to go next. This happens a lot, by the way...we don't know where to next until just before we leave! He chose Utah, and off to Salt Lake City we went!

It's always a treat to come back to SLC. I lived here for just over a year during my first year in college, and I got my Private Pilot License at this very airport (Salt Lake International). We had time to run to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I got to try their new Skinnylicious Menu, which lives up to its name. I had the chicken salad sandwich on brioche bread with some sweet potato fries. And we accidentally ordered a tower or onion rings. But I only had a few.

Before my passengers left for Sandy, I told them it was peach season. When they arrived back at the Million Air FBO, they were carrying a 20-pound box of fresh peaches! Ahhhh, just for me?! We divided the spoils to take home. What a treat!

From Salt Lake, we flew to Las Vegas. This is also a favorite stop (where don't I like to visit?!), but we only had a few hours here before continuing on. To home!

It was a rushed couple of days, but very fun. 

Phoenix - Monterrey - Fresno - Modesto - Oakland - Chehalis - Seattle - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas - Phoenix

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  1. Modesto huh!...I got my ppl there, quite a few yrs ago...still live within 50 miles of Modesto!..Whick


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