Sunday, September 4, 2011

Typical Work Day

Here's the situation: You have just finished eating dinner with your Hubby. It's 6:30 PM on a Tuesday night and you start to think that perhaps you're safe for the evening from being called to go to work. You are just about to head to IKEA to buy some shelf liners for your new pantry, but it will take a few hours round-trip. But're safe since it's 6:30 PM. Then your phone rings, and you are told that not only are you leaving that evening, but Big Boss wants to be wheels-up in just an hour. And your co-pilot is driving around town and can't make any arrangements. So you get to call two airports to arrange cars and hotels, which takes a precious twenty minutes. And then you get to cram everything into your car and rush to the airport, which is a twenty-minute drive from your house. Luckily, you're there before everyone else and get to do the pre-flight inspection before Big Boss arrives to leave. Wheels-up just an hour and a half after being called for work.

Not only did this scenario come true last week, but he didn't want to just stop at Monterrey! We flew on to Fresno later that night and landed around 11:45 PM. What a fun work day! The stars look so much better from 36,000 feet!

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