Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heaven in a Bag

Summer just means a constant craving for S'mores. This is nothing short of a miracle because I am simply not much of a marshmallow fan. My idea of the perfect S'more is a huge chunk of Hershey's chocolate delicately placed in between two graham crackers. Sans marshmallow. Who needs that white, gooey goodness, anyway?

Innocently walking through the "summer" section at Walcrap a few weeks ago led me to a sweet discovery. Marshmallow Stackers? What are these little wonders? After a few seconds of deep consideration, I realized that this could be the perfect solution to my marshmallow hatred. It was a marshmallow that could be heated up, even in the microwave, and could melt the beloved chocolate on the beloved graham crackers squares. But these were smaller/flatter than a normal marshmallow and wouldn't overpower the other two much-better flavors. 

So in my shopping cart they went. And we tried them that evening for dessert. Since we are fireless at our home, we popped them into the microwave for 13 seconds, per the instructions on the back of the bag. Then we squished them into the S'more and enjoyed.

And they were yummy! Not too much marshmallow, but just enough gooey to bind everything together. It was simply delicious.

I know most people in the country are gearing up for the fall season. But my high today in Phoenix is 110 degrees. I think we're entitled to a few more months of summer treats before the S'mores need to disappear until next year.

Give these Stackers a try if you usually avoid me.


  1. I'm so glad to hear this! i have this bag in my pantry but still haven't used it--but knowing you liked it makes me really want to try it tonight for dessert!

  2. i'll just have to make sure i don't eat the whole bag...


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