Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Perfect Pantry

Although I was home this week (surprise!), it was a hectic mess. After being gone for a whole month of nonstop work, I had a million projects that were begging for my immediate attention. Towards the top of the list was getting my pantry put together at last.  It has been quite a process getting to this point, and I'm thrilled that it's finally a great, functioning tool in our home. Now that the pantry is done (for now), it's time to reveal the finished product!

I say done for now only because there happens to be lots of excess space that will eventually be filled with more food storage (adding a little more each month with any excess grocery money). It feels wonderful knowing that we won't die next time Phoenix gets hit with a killer blizzard!

This pantry is...heavenly. I know it seems like a long time coming (it was for me, anyway). It took over a month from start to finish. But the wait was certainly worth it as everything came together to create our perfect storage space.

We stacked the dryer on top of the washer to make room for our latest addition...Mr. Free Freezer! We swapped our old dining set for our neighbor's old freezer. After getting the shelves organized, it was time to haul Mr. Freezer into place. Even if it dies next will be a Free Freezer until then! What a blessing!

Just like every room in the house that we finally finish, I find myself walking by just to take a peek and to feel the satisfaction of a job well done (we hired some of it out, so I can brag about how awesome this pantry truly is. Right? Guys?). We couldn't be happier with our new pantry room. It is our last big home project for a while now that all of the excess funds are heading towards my student loans. But it's certainly a project that we get to enjoy every day!


  1. Wow, your pantry is AMAZING! What an incredible final result!!! I'm sure you're beyond happy to have your food back where it belongs and to now have more room than ever. I busted out loud when I saw your added "creepy spaghetti sauce lady" note. That past post was awesome! And, could NEVER be matter HOW much spaghetti sauce you buy at once. :o)

  2. Ahhhh... Looks beautiful! And oh, the satisfaction of seeing piles upon piles of food!

  3. Where did you put the cute baskets you spray painted? I thought they were going in the pantry? Love you~ xoxo


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