Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decking the Halls

As a blessed kid growing up in a small town in tight-knit family, we always put up Christmas decorations, lit the tree, and illuminated the entire neighborhood with outdoor lighting the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas-colored M&Ms were placed in the ageless Santa tin while Andy Williams and Bing Crosby music played in the background. We sang songs as the tree got its special treatment from four rambunctious kids. Honestly, how did my Mom do it? After watching home videos of decorating the tree, I don't know how she survived with such obviously annoying kids! 

Character-flaws aside, we always looked forward to decking the halls for Christmas. And I'm willing to keep these sacred traditions alive in my new married life.

Because this year we were traveling on the usual day to decorate (I protested but lost), decorating for Christmas simply didn't happen on time. And then I left for work on Monday. I don't know how I slept at night knowing it was almost December without any signs of Christmas going on in my home. Luckily, we remedied that last night.

Hubby braved the stepladder and heaved himself up on the roof once again. We were so disappointed with last year's solar-powered LED Christmas lights that we bought newer, bigger, better, and LED-er lights for this year. I'm tickled with them. They are the classic retro Christmas lights in blue, green, red, orange, and yellow. I love that I can see them even when peeking out from the window. Which I do a lot now, just to enjoy them. Christmas lights really do bring deep happiness and peace.

And the M&Ms helped create those warm, fuzzy feelings, too. Keeping traditions alive here, folks. That's all.

We then came inside and "installed" the Christmas tree. I still love this beast, and the lights were all still working perfectly. After Hubby had everything put together, we strung new wooden red beaded garlands that I found on clearance last year at Michael's. So classy and subtle (like highlights!), yet beautiful on the tree. We then hung our Christmas ornaments that we got at Costco when we purchased our tree over three years ago. I love the varying sizes and colors. It makes the tree so happy and perfect.

Have I mentioned I am somewhat a fan of Christmas?

During last year's decking of the halls, we didn't have any furniture in this room. As a result, finding room for a large tree was a little more difficult this year. We moved couches to the side to make room for it in the corner. I wish it could be in front of the living room window, but where would we put that couch?! It looks gorgeous in  the room and makes the whole house feel warm and cozy. I want to leave it up year-round but got vetoed. 

When did I lose all my power as a wife?! 

I'm just glad everything is up. It doesn't feel like Christmas without a bunch of red and green ornaments and fir tree smells everywhere you turn!


  1. Love it! :) Keeping traditions alive is very important, it makes your home feel truly like home! :) Great post Captain (You are like the Pioneer Woman or Arizona!)

  2. *snicker* subtle *snicker*

    I did love those highlights though!

  3. I love it! We are putting our tree(a new one) up Sunday afternoon and watching the First Presidency Christmas message on the computer. The holidays have begun...YAYYY!!!


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