Monday, May 21, 2012

Let There Be Mist


My wonderful Hubby installed a misting system on our back patio this past Saturday. It’s been something that we’ve I’ve wanted for quite some time. I was convinced that if we could just lower the temperature of our patio a little during the hot summer months, we could use this space year-round.


You know how much I hate saying it, but I was right. This 16-nozzle misting kit brags that it can lower the temperature by as much as thirty degrees. And while I wasn’t sitting there with a thermometer in my hand, it was refreshing and definitely more comfortable to sit near a mister than to not.


Hubby should be able to officially test it out today while I am at work for a day trip. It is supposed to get up to 108 degrees today. Holy cow. Here it comes.


Words can’t express how excited I am for this misting system. I was hoping little jets of wet air would be the perfect solution to our back patio heat. We have such a wonderful space out here but certainly can’t use it from about May through October. This sounds backwards compared to when most people can use their outdoor areas. But that’s how we roll here in Arizona. Hot and backwards.


Hubby did such a great job on installation that you can hardly see the hose there. They are stealthy little misters that make everything better. I can hardly wait to have people over to try it out! It won’t be any time soon, unfortunately. I have a very busy month ahead of me for work. But then perhaps a little time home to breathe, so we will plan an outdoor patio party for then. We haven’t had any people over for dinner in almost six months, and I’m getting downright twitchy about it.


Sorry for the lack of action shots of the misting system. Do you have any idea how wet a camera can get when thirty feet of misting nozzles are doing their job?


  1. It will be so nice to be able to use your patio more! That John sure is handy!

  2. I love this idea! We have a porch similar to yours but can only use it part of the year because of the heat. I think I'll let my husband look at this. He needs a new project:-)


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