Thursday, May 17, 2012

Only Three Pictures?

Just a few weekends ago, we had lots of family in town for a baby blessing. It was a fun-filled weekend involving bra shopping, Joe’s BBQ, updated family photos by our wedding photographer (since we’ve all gotten married since the last one in 2002), swimming, and lots of good food and visiting.

My parents and two little brothers stayed at our house, and it was a treat having such pleasant house guests. I was gone for work when they left for home on that Monday, but Hubby said that they cleaned up so well that he got to take the week off of housework and just kick back.

Somehow, in all the fun and glory and eating, I managed to get a whole three pictures capturing the weekend. Three!


I know my excuse. One sub-family in my family prefers to stay out of the online spotlight, so pictures of them aren’t allowed to show up on my blog. I think that rather than try to work random photos without accidentally getting them in the shot, I resigned before the weekend even started to just enjoy the four days without taking pictures constantly.

This decision is regretted, of course. I wish I had more fun photos to document the great times we had, even if I couldn’t post them for all the world to see.


My memories of the weekend will simply have to be based on these three lone shots. Of four cute kids in swimming suits ready to jump in for the day. I have to admit, though, that they are really cute captures of really cute kids. Even if only three shots exist.

Thanks for coming down, everyone. It was such a nice weekend with you. I’m so glad that you’re my family and that you let me be a part of it.

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